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HP Printer Offline? 5 Reliable Hacks To Solve This Issue

HP printers stand by its name, providing economical printers without compromising with the quality. But, with prolonged use gadgets are bound to face random glitches.  Recently, several users complained that they are facing the HP printer offline issue that lasts for 20 to 40 minutes. This problem may become very annoying as the printer stops…

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4 Premium Hacks To Solve Printer Not Printing Issue

Nowadays, the printer is a part of the daily used gadgets. Now, prolong use can trigger random glitches. It can so happen that the printer stops printing any documents and an error message appears on the screen.   ‘Printer not printing’ is a common problem and may result from several causes such as misconfigurations of printer…

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Brother Printer Receiving Data Slowly: Effective Fixes

Most of the Brother printer users have reported that their Brother printer receives data slowly while trying to print a file, documents, and others and displays the error message: “Brother printer not responding”. This problem is one of the most common problems that several users have encountered.  This issue generally shows up when Windows Firewall…

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