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Samsung Printer Offline? Fix It With 5 Effortless Solutions

While using the wireless connection feature of the Samsung Printer you may encounter various types of problems. The printer going Offline continuously is the most reported issue.   Most of the time, this issue is triggered due to simple settings misconfiguration and improper connection setup. However, in some cases, this type of offline issue is…

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Resolve Printer Says Out Of Paper With Reliable Tricks

Have ever had difficulty with the paper feed of your printer model?  Actually, it’s not an indication of paper jam in the paper feed but another constant glitch that’s probably very common to confront. “Printer says out of paper” error is a very common issue and a lot of printer users have faced this troublesome…

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Epson Printer Printing Too Light: Easy Fixes

After changing a printer toner cartridge, and after a few printing jobs, in case, you notice your Epson printer is printing too light, don’t be frustrated. You are not alone. Several users have reported that they are getting the same error with their printer. You can encounter this error due to a glitch present in…

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