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Learn Quick And Easy Ways To Resolve Canon Error 5200

Canon printers are considered as quite reliable devices because of its advanced features. 

However, it is now free from flaws. One of the most common issues that the Canon printer users might face is Canon error 5200

Once this issue occurs in your printers, then your printer fails to print anything. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot this error with some proven techniques.

Therefore, if you encounter this error on the Canon printer and want to fix it, then go through the undermentioned sections in order to fix this trouble instantly.

Troubleshoot and Fix Canon Error Code 5200 with Some Amazing Solutions:

There are a lot of ways by which you can resolve the Canon printer error code 5200. Here for your sake, we have listed some of them. 

Solution 1- Reset your Canon Printer

Reset your Canon Printer

To fix this error, you need to perform resetting your Canon printer. For that, go through the undermentioned steps.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to turn off your Canon printer. After that, press and hold down the Stop button. 

Step 2

Once done, then you have to press and hold down the Power On button. When you hold down the Power On button, at the same time, you should release the Stop/ Reset button. 

Step 3

Next, again press the Stop button twice. Once done, then release the Power On button. Wait until you see a message saying ‘idle message’ on the display. 

Step 4

Now, when the ‘idle’ message pops up on the display, then lift up the cover of the Canon printer. 

After that, you have to remove the Black and Color cartridges. Next, clean them.

Step 5

Next, put the cover back. Now, turn on the Canon printer. 

After that, check whether the issue has been resolved or not. If not, then here is another alternative for you.

Solution 2-  Update the Outdated Drivers

Update the Outdated Drivers

A recent survey has proved that almost 50 percent of Canon printer users face this issue due to the backdated drivers. 

Drivers are the inbuilt features of the printer and it establishes communication between the Canon printer and your computer.

In case, the drivers are outdated, then you might encounter this error code on your system. In such a condition, you have to update the drivers to its latest version. 

For that, visit the official website of the Canon printer and search for the best-recommended drivers for the Canon printer. Once you found it, then click on that and read the online instruction carefully.

Finally, click on the Apply button and wait until the completion of the procedure. 

Once done, then reboot Canon printer and if you fail to fix the Canon error 5200, this time as well, then immediately proceed to the next solution.

Alternative Solutions to Fix Canon Error 5200:

Here we have provided some alternative methods that you may try to fix the issue. 

Method 1

When you encounter the error code first time on your system, then simply turn off the Canon printer and unplug the Power cable. 

Next, plug the Power cord and wait for five minutes. After that, turn on the Canon printer.

Thereafter, press the Power On button and see whether the trouble has been resolved or not.

Method 2

Power off the Canon printer and hold the Reset button. Make sure to press the ON button at the time of pressing. 

While you press the Power On button, at the same time, you should release the Reset button. Next, press the Reset button six times as well as you should press the ON button twice.

Thereafter, turn on the Canon printer and now we believe that this error code will not appear on the LED screen anymore.

We hope with the help of the above solutions, you can easily resolve the Canon error 5200. 

Now, at first, go through the solutions carefully and apply them one-by-one on your device and check which one is suitable for you. 

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