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Canon Network Printer Not Detected [SOLVED]| Troubleshooting Tips With Stepwise Solution

Whenever you connect Canon network printers to your system, it can go undetected most of the time. This is a serious printer problem for a majority of users, which you can fix only by applying technical methods. 

But, first of all, you need to dig deep into the causes that can make your printer unrecognizable on computers.

So, if you are experiencing this annoying error where Canon network printer not detected by your PC, it’s time to resolve it. In this article, you will get to know about the solutions, which can make your printer detectable. 

Also, if you are finding any difficulty in doing the setup because of this strange error, keep reading this article to install the Canon printer driver. 

Methods You Can Apply When System Isn’t Detecting Canon Network Printer

While using your Canon printer if you observe that it’s not responding or recognized by your PC, it can be quite frustrating. Especially, when you are in the middle of printing something important and receive the message about the Canon printer not detected. 

Fortunately, you can try some potential fixes that can make your printing machine respond again. But, before applying the methods, you should be aware of the reasons behind not detecting the Canon network printer. 

Check Out the Causes Before Applying the Solutions:

The following points will offer you some insight on why your Canon printer is not getting detected by the system.

  1. If you are connecting your printer to a PC using USB cable, double-check whether it free from any damage or technical issue. Since any breakage or defect in the cable can also make your printing device unrecognizable.
  2. For wireless printers, any instability in the Internet connection or network failure can make it invisible. Hence, your computer won’t be able to find your printer even if it’s working perfectly.
  3. Sometimes, an outdated OS version and/or Canon printer driver can be the reason behind the occurrence of this error. So, if your system hasn’t installed the latest drivers/software update, it can disconnect the printer.
  4. If the pairing between the printer and the device isn’t done correctly over the Bluetooth, this issue can trigger.
  5. There are customers who have observed that the printer can become unresponsive due to installing specific Firewall or third-party software. This usually occurs when these programs interfere with the Canon printer driver and make it undetectable.

How to Fix Canon Network Printer Error and Make it Detectable by your PC?

Before you implement the technical fixes so that your system recognizes Canon printer, try some generic steps. Take a look below:

General Steps to Make your Canon Printer Recognized by Computer

First, thoroughly examine the cables, power cords, printing machine and your system for any kind of issues. Also, check whether the router and modem are working properly if you are getting this error in a network printer. 

Next, test the compatibility of your Canon printer with the OS installed on your computer. If you are not a tech savvy person, you can also consult an expert to verify both devices support each other. 

If your printer is not recognizable on PC, see if any antivirus program is blocking it or not. Because you may have to turn off the security software so that the system can detect your Canon driver.


For printers connected to the system over a WiFi or Ethernet connection, you need to ensure that the network is active. In case, there is any sign of Internet issue, try to switch to a stable and secure LAN/wireless connection.

If your computer is unable to detect the printer due to enabling IPv4 settings, try to migrate to IPv6. You can also try vice versa if you are already using IPv6 while connecting your network printer to the PC. 

Technical Solutions to Ensure Canon Printer is Detected by PC

When generic solutions don’t work, you can apply the following methods so that Canon printer is recognizable on the computer.

Method 1: Set Canon Device as the Default Printer on your System

Often, the printer can remain invisible or stop responding when it’s not set as your default printing device. Hence, to help your PC recognize the Canon printer, try to select it as the default option.

So, if your printer is connected to a Windows 10 based computer, open the Cortana search box. Then, type ‘Settings’ and press the ‘Enter’ button. As the Windows Settings window appears on your computer’s display, click on ‘Printers & Scanners’ below the heading of ‘Devices’.

Now, you’ll find the toggle for ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ on the expanded settings. So, if you intend to select your Canon printer as the default device, you can turn off this feature. 

After this, open the ‘Control Panel’ window by typing the text in the search box. Then, choose the option of ‘Devices and Printers’ and locate your Canon device under the ‘Printers’ section. 

As you right-click on the printer’s icon, click on the option of ‘Set as default printer’. So, see the green tick mark beside the symbol to know you have successfully set the device as the default printer. 

Method 2: Launch Printer Troubleshooter on your Computer

Windows users can apply this fix simply by running the built-in troubleshooter to make the printer detectable. Otherwise, you can also install a troubleshooting tool for identifying problems in a Canon printer. 

To run the Windows troubleshooter, first, hit the Windows logo button and write ‘troubleshoot’ in the search box. Then, select the system settings app of ‘Troubleshoot’ and open the window. 

Whereas, on Windows 10, you have to click on the tab of ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Update & Security’. Next, hit the option of ‘Troubleshoot’ and select ‘Run the troubleshooter’ button from the expanded view. 

Now, you need to go through the instructions displayed on the screen and troubleshoot Canon printer issues. Hopefully, once the troubleshooter detects and fixes the issues, your PC will recognize the printer. 

Method 3: Install Latest Updates for Canon Printer Driver

If the previous methods and the general solutions can’t help your PC to recognize the printer, try to update its driver. So, let’s take a look at the steps that are essential for keeping the printer’s drivers up to date.

First, press the Windows Start button and then type ‘Device Manager’ in the search box. Now, click on this tab and view the list of devices available on your system. Hence, locate the device or driver related to Canon printer and right-click on it.

After that, choose the option of ‘Update driver’ and select any of the options below the heading ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’.

So, if you intend to install the printer driver automatically, choose the first option. This will enable the system to search for updated driver software automatically. Otherwise, you can select the second option ‘Browse my computer for driver software. 

To install driver software manually, you should download the software for Canon printer on your PC. For this, you can apply your own research and a reliable website to obtain the driver software. Otherwise, contact a Canon printer technician to get the necessary updates. 

Method 4: Configure Proper Port for Printer to Make it Recognizable

If your Canon printer is not showing up in the list of printers or its not responding, you can try this solution. Here, you need to apply certain steps to ensure proper configuration of your printer. 

For applying this method, press the Windows logo and R buttons simultaneously and wait for the Run dialog box. In the text field, type ‘Control Panel’ and click on the ‘OK’ button.

As you observe the Control Panel windows on your Windows-based device, go to the section of ‘Devices and Printers’. Then, select the option of ‘Printer Properties’ and click on the tab of ‘Ports’.

Below the heading of ‘Port’, you will find a list of ports available for your printer to connect. So, you need to select the appropriate port for connecting your Canon printer and tick the corresponding checkbox. 

If you can’t figure out which port to pick to connect the printer, so it can be detected by the PC, ask a professional. After selecting the proper port for the printer, save the changes by clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’. 

Now, reboot your PC and secure the connection between the printer and device with an appropriate USB cable. Lastly, you need to check if your computer can recognize the printer and generate the printout.

In this article, you have come across some useful tips when Canon network printer not detected by your system. So, first, try to apply the solutions discussed here and fix the problem. If none of these methods work, you can consult a printer technician to suggest advanced fixes. In case, you want to share some troubleshooting tips so that PC can recognize the Canon printer, feel free to share in the comments section.

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