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Are You Facing Canon Printer Error 6000? Here are the Easiest Resorts to the Problem

When it comes to Canon Printers, there is hardly any match for the brand. However, no technological device can be entirely glitch-free, irrespective of its brand value. And Canon Printers are no exception to this norm.


Customers using Canon Printers frequently complain of a recurrent glitch, namely Canon Printer Error 6000. This is a persistent and indeed quite frustrating technical glitch. And, in case you face it, all you would look for is the suitable fixes to the problem.


Thus, in this article, we are going to offer you the most effective and affordable remedies to the hitch under discussion. So, keep reading the article thoroughly.

Why are you Facing Canon Error 6000?- Know the Causes  

Now, as promised in this article we are going to offer you the most effective workarounds to counter the Canon printer error code 6000. However, prior to that let us look into the major causes responsible for the occurrence of the hitch question.


Thus, below we list you the potential causative factors triggering the error code. Do give them a read. 

  • Usually, the error occurs if the Feed Tray of the Printer restricts or blocks it from opening. Normally this happens if dust particles or piece of paper gets into the feed tray of the Printer. 
  • Also, the error code may trigger in case you have not placed the feed tray correctly. 
  • One of the many causes for the occurrence of Canon printer error 6000 is in case you have put in too many commands all at once.
  • Apart from this, if you are putting in a large number of documents in the printer, you have every possibility of facing the error code. 
  • Also, users run into this error in case the line feed is scratched. 
  • Lastly, any defect in the Sensor Units can cause Canon error 6000. 

Easy and Effective Workarounds to Counter Canon Printer Error 6000

Under this section, we are going to provide you with the most suitable resolutions. The easy steps we cite below will help you resolve the issue in no time. Have a look. 


In case you encounter the error code under question, the first thing for you to do is reset or reboot the Canon Printer. Often, simply resetting or rebooting the printer can fix the glitch. However, in case the problem still persists, perform the steps stated below. 

Step by Step Guide to Redress Canon Error 6000

Step by Step Guide to Redress Canon Error 6000

Go through the steps thoroughly and execute them as per the given instructions. 

Step 1 

First, you have to turn Off the Power button of the Canon Printer. Thereafter, you should wait for at least around 10 minutes. Then, turn On the Power button and reboot your printing machine.  

Step 2 

Next, check out if you have placed the paper tray properly. In case, you find paper or dust particles blocking the printing process, remove it right away. 

In case you find no such thing, then press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds. Thereafter, press the Stop button. You may note that you need to repeat the process twice. 

Step 3 

In completion of the process mentioned above, you must release the Power button. And lastly, you should click on the Stop button for about four times. That’s it, you should no longer confront Canon printer error 6000

Some Additional Tricks 

  • However, if the technical glitch in question still persists, you can also check out if any tiny piece of paper has slipped into your Canon printing machine. In case it is so, you should remove it right away to enjoy a hassle-free printing process. 
  • Besides, you must also tidy the various parts and components of the printing machine including the Encoder Strip as well as the Print Head. 

Parting Words 

Before we wind up, we strongly recommend you to take note of all the tricks we offered you. The steps we provide you are not only the most effective but also pretty simple and easy-going.

Thus, in case, you face Canon Printer Error 6000 further, you should get adequate assistance to remove the glitch. 

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