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A Comprehensive Guidance On How To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Straight Lines Issue

When it comes to the top ten Canon printer issues, Canon printer not printing straight lines problem surely ranked in the top position. 

Most of the time, due to the clogged nozzles, this problem can appear on the Canon printer.

So, if you among one of those Canon printer users who face this issue and want to resolve it without any hassle, then stay in this article. 

Furthermore, read out and apply the undermentioned solutions to fix the issue within a flicker of time.

Root Causes of Canon Printer Not Printing Straight Lines Issue:

There are several reasons that can be responsible for the printer lines not straight issue. Here we have mentioned some of the most prominent causes.

  • In case, you use a bad network connection or a network with a poor network connection, then it is quite possible that the Canon printer might stop printing or does not allow to print straight lines.
  • If the calibration process is not completed, then there is a great chance that you might deal with this problem.
  • The printer lines are not straight might also be the result of the dirty printhead. So, you need to clean the printhead on a regular basis. 

No matter what may be the possible causes, have a look at the remaining part in order to resolve your queries.

Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Straight Lines issue with Effective Solutions:

Let’s start with an easy solution. So, the first thing that you need to do is to simply restart the Canon printer. 

If the error gets resolved, then your job is over. In case, the error still pops up after restarting, then move to the undermentioned solutions.

Solution 1- Update the Printer Driver

In case, you are using an outdated version of the Canon printer, then you might encounter this error on your system.  So, you have to update the driver at the right time.

In order to do so, at first, click on the Start menu and after that, navigate to the Device Manager window. Next, type ‘devicemngr’ within the required field and hit the Enter button.

Thereafter, navigate to the ‘Networks and Adapters’ section. Under this section, you have to choose your device name as shown in the figure. 

After that, right-click on the Device option and from there, tap on the Update driver option.

Then, a new window will appear on the screen. From there, you should tap on the “Search automatically for updated driver’ option. Next, click on the OK button for confirmation.

Wait till the completion of the procedure. Once it completes, then restart your Canon printer and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 2- Check the Ink Levels

If you do not set the ink level properly, then it is also a valid reason for the occurrence of this error. In this situation, you have to check the ink level. 

Checking the ink levels is a very easy procedure. 

For that, at first, you have to press and hold the Home key for at least 20 seconds. After that, navigate to the setup option and click on it. 

Thereafter, click on the OK button and then a new page will appear on the display. From there, select the Device name. After clicking on it, again a new window shows on the display.

Under this section, you have to scroll down below and click on the ‘ink level’ option. Now, you can see the ink level on the display.

Solution 3- Change the Print Quality

Sometimes, you might face the Canon printer not printing straight lines issue due to poor quality settings in your printer. 

Many Canon users have reported that they face the same issue and after resetting the quality, they quickly fix this issue. 

In your case, if this is the reason, then we suggest you, adjust the print quality. To adjust the print quality, you need to go through the steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1

At first, you have to open your computer and printer both. After that, navigate to the Start icon and type ‘control panel’ within the given field and press the Enter button.

Step 2

Under the Control panel, click on the Options and after that, tap on the Advanced Security button. 

Step 3

Ensure that the quality is set to high. Also, check the DPI ratio as well as the resolution of the document that you want to print. 

Now, take a page and try to print anything and we hope the Canon printer not printing straight lines issue will not irritate you anymore.

We wrap up the discussion here. Hope all the solutions discussed in the above section are enough to fix the issue in no time. If you have any doubts or second thoughts, then feel free to mention it in the below section.

You can also opt to get in touch with a professional if this printer issue still remains unresolved.

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