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A Complete Guide To Overcome Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue

Paper jam issue is quite common when printers are considered. This issue arises on a printer due to several factors such as the roller of the printer does not work appropriately or overfilling the paper tray, etc. 

Apart from this, if the papers are not installed properly inside the paper tray or if there are wrinkled paper present inside the paper bundle, then also you might encounter this error.

Are you worried about Canon printer paper jam issue? Then, check out this article further.

You need to read out the steps at first and then try to fix the Canon paper jam issue efficiently.

Look at the Steps to Solve the Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue:

To solve the Canon MG3620 paper jam issue, follow the below methods one-by-one in their sequential order.

Step 1: Turn off the Printer Machine

Turn off the Printer Machine

If a paper gets jammed inside the printer during printing a document, in that case, the foremost thing you need to perform is to cancel the print jobs. 

Press the Stop button of the printer for this. After that, turn off the machine by pressing and holding down the Power button on your printer.

Next, remove the Power plug of the printer from the Power source.

Step 2: Remove the Stuck Paper from the Front Tray

Remove the Stuck Paper from the Front Tray

Then, remove the remaining paper from the front tray, if any.

Note: Avoid to touch the clear film button. Because if it gets pressed, then the machine can get much more damage.

Step 3: Ensure the Paper is not Jammed Under the FINE Cartridge Holder

Ensure the Paper is not Jammed Under the FINE Cartridge Holder

If in your case, the paper is jammed under the Fine cartridge holder, then follow the further steps as stated below:

Open up the Fine cartridge holder cover at first, after removing the printer from the power source.

Then, move the cartridge holder to the position (right or left) from where you can access it easily.

After moving the Fine cartridge holder near the access point, hold the jammed paper with your hands and pull it gently without tearing it.

In case, if the paper gets torn, then you need to remove that by using a soft brush.

Then, close the Fine cartridge holder back and try to print a document to check if the error gets resolved or not.

Things to Remember to Avoid Paper Jam Issue in Canon Printer:

There are a few guidelines if followed, then you can restrict the Canon printer paper jam issue from occurring.

  • Install a reasonable number of papers inside the printer tray
  • Try to install the printer in a dust free location
  • Place the papers correctly inside the paper tray
  • Use the correct specifications contain paper
  • Try to avoid the presence of the wrinkled paper inside the paper bundle

All these are the complete information regarding the Canon printer paper jam topic. 

After following these instructions, if you get stuck with the paper jamming issue, then you need to take the help of a printer expert for resolving this issue.

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