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Epson Print Head Alignment Fixed

For the proper functioning of the Epson Printer, it is compulsory to remove printhead issues at the onset of the problem. This article will guide you with the possible fixes for problems with Epson print head alignment. So, read on and find out more.

Possible Causes of Print Head Alignment Issues

Alignment issues are very complex and hence you need to be careful if you want to resolve it quickly. A knowledge of the probable causes behind this print head alignment issues is not only helpful in resolving it quickly but also gives you the proper insight to help you prevent this error from occurring in the future. Therefore, please go through the probable causes as mentioned below.

  • This problem can occur due to paper jams.
  • It might happen that the dust particles are accumulated in the cartridge of the printer leading to this issue.
  • Improper installation of the cartridge.
  • Bad cartridge quality.
  • A long printing session may also result in this error.

Please take into account the above factors to resolve the Epson print head alignment easily. Moreover, if you are not finding any suitable results,go through the Epson printer in error state services.

Problems Arising due to Epson Print Head Alignment Errors

Go through the list of issues which users face because of the Epson print head alignment errors.

  • The problem of missing colors.
  • The issue with blurry printouts.
  • Issues pertaining to horizontal banding.
  • There are issues with vertical misalignment.

Smart Hacks To Combat Epson Print Head Alignment Error

There can be a number of solutions to this print head alignment issue. Some of the aptest ones are mentioned below. brother printer error e52. Go through them one by one and find the fix that works best for you.

Horizontal Banding

  • Execute the Print Head Alignment Utility.
  • Face the printable side of the paper available in the sheet feeder.
  • You need to clean the clogged ink nozzles with the help of Head Cleaning Utility.
  • Choose Text after clearing the customized settings and then choose Image setting. After that, choose the Automatic Settings option present in the Mode in the Print dialog box.
  • Also, you can inspect the ink out light. When you view flashing, you have to remove the proper ink cartridge.
  • Do not try to choose Minimize Margins and please ensure not to choose to Maximize Setting present in the Printable zone.
  • Finally, ensure that the media type you choose in the printer software is suitable for any particular media loaded in the P.C.

Vertical Misalignment

  • You need to provide the printable side of the paper in the sheet feeder.
  • Move ahead running the Print Head Alignment.
  • Then you need to clear the High-Speed Checkbox present in the Advanced Dialog Box option.
  • Proceed with the Head Cleaning Utility with the intent of clearing the jam of ink nozzles.
  • The Media Type setting must be ideal for the suitable type of media loaded in the printer.

Resolving Missing Colors

If you observe missing colors, you can modify the ink setting in your printer software to Color. Next, modify the color settings in your application. You need to run the Head Cleaning Utility. Ensure that you don’t use ink cartridge beyond the expiry date available in the cartridge package.

Resolving Issues of Blurred Printing

You can combat this issue using a particular driver for the printer. You can use Epson friendly paper and place your printer on a flat surface. Moreover, you need to run the Head Cleaning Utility. Make another attempt with the help of Print Head Utility.

Not Able to Align the Printhead on the Epson Printer?

Please go through the below steps to combat the Epson printhead alignment issues. Moreover, these steps are also useful for other printers as well.

Windows User

  • You have the provision to load A4 or letter size plain paper inside the sheet folder.
  • After loading a paper of the size mentioned above, move ahead accessing the printer software.
  • Also, press on Maintenance tab and press Epson Print Head Alignment Button.
  • Moreover, go through the on-screen procedures in order to align the print head.

Mac User

  • Here also you have to ensure that you load A4 size paper inside the sheet folder.
  • Then proceed further accessing the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Press the Utility icon button and then tap the Epson Print Head Alignment button.
  • Now, go through the on-screen instructions to align the print head.

Mac Os (X) user

You need to perform certain steps as mentioned in the Mac OS(8.6 to 9.x)

  • First of all, you need to reload the A4 size paper inside the sheet feeder.
  • Then you can access the Epson Printer Utility available in the dialog box.
  • In order to access the printer quality, choose the printer and press OK available in the printer list window.
  • Apart from this, press Printhead Alignment button present in the Utility dialog box.
  • Finally, go through the on-screen instructions which are displayed.

Tried all Steps? Not Finding Right Way To Resolve This Issue? Your Search Ends Here

If none of the above steps helps in evading this Epson print head alignment issue, you should seek professional services. If you are searching for reliable and quality Epson printer services, your search ends with us. Don’t hesitate to call us at our toll-free number +1-855-997-4421. Our experts are available 24*7 to help you out with any and every issue that you might face on your printer. Our experts are working round the clock to provide the best service and that too at an affordable rate. If the customer executives are unavailable, drop an email to the support executive. They will respond to your query shortly. Our Live Chat window is also available. You can perform live chat with our support team in case of any queries. Your feedback is also valuable to us. Therefore, provide your feedback in the comment section present at the bottom of our website.

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