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Epson Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper [Fixed]: Know Easy Hacks

Epson is one of the remarkable brands of printers available around the globe. Among the common glitches of the printers, “Out of Paper” error message is probably the most common one. If your Epson printer keeps saying out of paper, then this article is your rescuer.

This article will help you to learn effective methods, with the application of which you can solve the glitch efficiently. So, let’s not waste time and delve in.

Why Epson Printer won’t Feed Paper?

There are several factors which cause problems in the paper tray. As a result, you get the “Out of Paper” message on the printer’s screen. These are:

  • Overloading paper in the paper tray
  • Paper specifications mismatch issue
  • The sensor of the printer stops working
  • Dirt accumulation on the printer
  • Miscommunication of several parts due to faulty cables

It doesn’t matter why the error message occurs, solving it is your first concern. So, let’s get into the solutions.

Troubleshoot Paper Issues in Epson Printer: 4 Proven Methods

To fix the printer keeps saying  “Out of Paper” issue, try the methods one by one as stated below:

Method 1: Install a Small Number of Paper on Printer

If you feed too much paper on the paper tray, the printer will send error messages. So, your first task is to make sure you give only the optimum amount of paper at a time.

  1. At first, you need to open the printer tray.
  2. After that, take out the excess paper from the paper tray.
  3. Try to take a test print out to check if the printer is recognizing the papers or not.

In case you see that there is no issue with the number of papers,  then the problem lies somewhere else. 

Method 2: Match the Paper Specifications

Paper Specification is an important factor. If you use a paper which does not match the printer’s requirements, then this will result in error messages.

Therefore, check the compatible paper. Refer to HP’s user manual that you got with the printer. You must take into consideration the size, GSM (which indicates thickness), and type of papers.

If everything is as per the requirement yet you face the issue, then continue with the next method.

Method 3: Clean all the Printer Parts

Accumulation of dirt and ink are inevitable over time. And this is capable of causing the communication barrier among the printer and its parts.

So, you must clean each and every part of your Epson printer.

  1. To begin, at first, turn off your printer and remove the power cord.
  2. Then, take out all the wires one by one and clean them along with the ports.
  3. After that, open up the top lid and all other parts of the printer which can be opened.
  4. Next, using a thin and soft cotton cloth, wipe the parts.
  5. Then, take out the cartridges and clean them. Check the printheads for the accumulation of ink.
  6. Now, check the paper tray for any debris or paper jams.
  7. Further, reassemble the parts appropriately.
  8. And then, reconnect the power cable of the printer.
  9. After that, start the printer and try to print a document to check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Note: Always connect the printer with the ground outlet source, so that the required power can be supplied to the device.

Method 4: Unplug and Reconnect Printer

Due to a loose connection, at times, your Epson printer keeps saying out of paper. If this is the case, then unplug the cables and then connect them again. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Disconnect the power outlet of the printer first.
  2. After that, remove all the other wired connections as well.
  3. Next, press and hold the Power button of the printer to release the remaining power of the device.
  4. Then, reconnect the cables. Attach all the cables in the exact places.
  5. And then, turn on the printer.
  6. Finally, try to take a printout. Hopefully, this time you will not face the same issue again.

Precautions to Avoid the Epson Printer Paper Feed Problems

There are certain precautions that you can take for the future:

  • Use the specified papers only
  • Avoid installing the printer in a dusty environment
  • Check that no paper is wrinkled.
  • Ensure that the paper you use is dry and no moisture is present on it.

Hopefully, you will not face such issues anymore. However, things can go out of your hand.

In those times, trial and error is not the right thing to do. So, seek expert assistance.

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