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Is Your Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages?- Resolve It With 4 Easy Steps

Printer printing blank pages is a common issue with the printers regardless of its brand. For instance, it is a known fact that Epson, as a brand enjoys an enviable presence in the market when it comes to printers. However, one of the common problems that users face is “Epson printer printing blank pages”.

Now undoubtedly, this accounts for one of the greatest concerns for the users. When this happens, users fail to print documents. In fact, the technical glitch in question indicates a sudden halt in the printing process. 

However, like every problem, this too has its fix. And in this article, we shall offer you the most workable workarounds that you must apply in case your Epson printer print blank pages. 

Why is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages? 

This is indeed a pertinent question, user desperately seek an answer to, in case their Epson printer print blank pages. Under this section, we have attempted to provide you your answers.

  • For insurance, one of the most common causes behind Epson printer printing blank pages is the installation of fresh cartridges. 
  • Such a technical hitch might only be an indication that you are using old cartridges and need to replace them at the earliest. 
  • Also, such an issue might get triggered due to persistent hardware or software related glitch.

Thus, unless you know the causes responsible for the problem, you shall not be able to undertake the necessary remedial measures to counter the problem. 

Epson Printer Print Blank Pages? Here Are the Most Effective Solutions For You 

We understand that it is definitely frustrating if your Epson Printer prints blank pages. However, you do not need to worry much as there are some really easy and effective solutions for your problem. 

Solution 1: Do not Leave the Cartridge Empty 

First things first, you must check properly if you have left out the cartridge of your Epson Printer empty. If yes, then this is perhaps the reason behind your Epson printer printing blank pages. So, make sure that you don’t leave the cartridge of your printer empty.

Solution 2: Ensure that the Cartridge is Properly Connected 

At times, Epson Printer Print Blank Pages due to disconnected cartridges. Therefore, you must ensure that the cartridge of your printer is duly connected to your printer device. Also, you must make sure that you reinstall fresh cartridges for your printer in case you are using old cartridges. 

Solution 3: Check whether the Size of the Paper is Compatible 

If you wish to avoid the “Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages” issue then you must make sure that you have chosen the correct size of the paper. You should select the “right in-program” paper size. And in case you have modified the default or normal paper size, you must again set the paper size back to its normal or default font. 

Solution 4: Clean the Clogged Nozzles 

Clogged nozzles may be one of the many reasons behind Epson printer printing blank pages. This is a common problem behind most printer related glitches. Such an issue normally triggers if you are not using your printer regularly.

Therefore, in order to prevent the problem, the easiest solution for you is to make use of the feature named  “print head nozzle check” with this feature. You can easily retrieve the normal ink flow. This feature also enables you to clear the prevailing clogged nozzles and effectively resolve the glitch in question. 

Summing Up 

Before we part with you, here’s a bit of advice for all our readers out there. Epson printer printing blank pages is indeed a persistent glitch and undeniably most frustrating as well. 

You may note that the printing process itself comes to a dead stop in the wake of such a problem. Instead, your printer starts printing blank documents. 

Thus, in case you face such a glitch, we recommend you to waste no more time and apply the solutions we listed above at the earliest. They are indeed the most effective for you.

If the error remains persistent, then you can opt for professional assistance at the earliest.

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