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Excellent hacks to fix 'Epson Printer won't Print Black Ink' Issue

Epson printers are leading the global market with amazing performance and unmatched quality of prints. These printers are stylish and versatile for both personal and professional use and provide excellent quality of imaging and printing solutions to thousands of users. Despite delivering printouts of high quality, Epson printers have its own set of faults and flaws which emerge from time to time and irritate the users. These issues need to be fixed at the right time to avoid further damage to your device. One such issue is the epson printer not printing black. This issue can arise due to a number of significant reasons listed in the write-up.

Factors That Lead to Epson Printer Won’t Print Black Ink

Usually, Epson printers have a built-in printhead of high quality. But if you are using your Epson printer for a long time, you must have replaced the original Epson printer head with a compatible one. This generally leads to an error and your printer is unable to print black ink. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an original or compatible Epson cartridge. A few nozzles of the print head gets blocked and the usual cleaning cycle fails to resolve the problem.

It also happens because most people do not change the cartridges when they see that their printer is giving warnings on low ink. Instead, they opt to wait for the black color to run out. This empties the ink cartridges and your printer denies to continue the print job due to no ink in all of the nozzles. Very often, these empty nozzles get filled with air and effectively block the flow of ink.

Steps to Unclog Epson Printhead Errors in Your Printer


Epson printer heads are components made with precision. Thus, if it’s blocked, you can try the suggested methods to clean the printheads manually to fix printer¬†error.

  • Turn off your printer. Use Windex solution or distilled water in sponges and saturate these sponges to suck the excess ink on the printheads
  • Try to unlock the lever by running a cleaning cycle in your printer. This will unlock the position of the printhead assembly of your printer and allow you to move it back and forth easily. Now, move the printhead assembly to the center of the printer. Gently push it towards the right.
  • Again, saturate the sponge by using a syringe or an eyedropper and fill the sponge holder with either Windex solution or distilled water. Keep your printer in rest for around 15 minutes and turn it on
  • Clean the printhead using towels and move the printhead assembly back to its resting position.

Fix Epson printer won't print black ink

Did the above-mentioned steps fail to make a difference? Is your Epson printer not printing properly? Before searching your locality for an affordable Epson repair center, call us to avail quality support for your Epson printers. Our experts at Epsonsupport247 are well-versed in handling these issues and they fix printer errors without taking it too hard on your pockets.

Preventive Measures for Hassle-Free Printing Sessions with Epson Printers

There are several methods which you can try to help prevent clogged nozzles in your Epson printers. Follow some of the tips suggested by our experts to enhance the longevity of your device:

  • Never run more than three cleaning cycles. After doing this, an excess amount of ink is being smeared over the printhead
  • Turn off your printer after use to avoid “mini-cleaning cycle.”
  • Print some pages at least once a week as it will keep the ink from drying out in the nozzles
  • Try to use genuine cartridges for your Epson printer. If not available, always use the highest quality of compatible cartridges.

Avail Effective Epson Printer Repair Services from Tech Experts

If you are finding difficulty in dealing with the complex mechanism of your Epson printers, immediately place a call at our Epson printer repair number 1-838-800-0650 and grab immediate assistance from us. Our team of experts at Epsonsupport247 are highly skilled to unclog Epson printer head and resolve these issues within a specified time-limit. You can choose to send us emails regarding your printing issues and we will reply back with proper solutions as soon as possible. If you are tired of Epson printer not printing properly, feel free to chat with our executives via Live chat support or get remote assistance from our professionals at Epson repair center.

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