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Effective Ways to Fix an Epson XP 200 All Lights Flashing Error

Printers are a necessity for most business enterprises and home users. You can easily take out a hard copy of any important document, files or images by connecting your printer to either a Smartphone or a laptop. Among the various brands of printers available in the market, Epson printers are the most reliable printing device ever designed. These advanced printing devices often end up sabotaging your efficiency with the Epson printer blinking lights error. Thousands of Epson users across the world are frequently encountering this error and searching for viable options to overcome the issue. If the same issue has frustrated you and interrupted your printing session, you have come to the best place for help.

Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error Occurs Due to the Factors Listed Below

Epson printers offer an incredible quality of printing, until and unless it is identified with an error. While working on your Epson XP 200 printer, if your device is displaying Epson flashing light error, it won’t be wrong to assume that your machine is at risk. It needs a printer fix as soon as possible. The lights on the Control panel of your Epson printers are indicators of errors. You can identify some of the common printer errors by following the status of these lights. If your Epson printer suddenly stops working and you find that the panel lights are blinking or flashing, you can easily diagnose the Epson XP 200 fatal error by looking for the factors mentioned below.

Epson printer blinking lights error on XP

Take a Look at Some Common Epson Flashing Light Errors

  • Red (paper out) light is on but Green light flashes- This error occurs when your printer runs out of paper. To resume printing, you need to load some paper in it. Sometimes, when the DVD tray is not inserted, this error is shown.
  • Both Red (paper out) and Greenlight flashes- If the paper gets jammed in your Epson printer, these lights flashes. It gives you the warning to eject and reload the paper for continuing with the printing procedure.
  • The green light is on, but Red (ink) light flashes- The flashing of these lights indicate that one of the ink cartridges of your Epson printer is about to be exhausted. Also, it suggests you to check the ink supply in your printer.
  • Both Red (ink) light and Red (paper out) light flashes- If the movement of the print head is blocked due to any foreign object or jammed paper, your printer will display this error.
  • Both Red (ink) light and Red (paper out) light flashes alternatively- This error code indicates that your Epson printer is suffering from an internal error

Commonly, you get this error when you have completed one printing job and the print head of your Epson printer is automatically cleaning to give excellent printing quality. This usually happens when you are trying to print a lot of documents at a time. At times, continuous printing sessions lead to this error. If you are looking for a reliable printer fix to solve the issue, don’t trust on any local printer repair center, contact professionals to get immediate service at affordable rates.

Easy Hacks to Fix Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error

Before visiting a local printer repair center to overcome the error in your Epson printer, you can try out these awesome fixes suggested by our experts. The steps given below will help you in getting rid of these blinking lights error:

  1. Remove the Epson XP-200 waste ink tank
  2. Now reinsert the waste ink tank carefully
  3. The last step is to reset the waste ink of Epson printers by downloading and using an appropriate tool

In case, you fail to fix this issue, you can reach our Epson repair center for premium Epson printer repair. In case you were unable to follow the instructions, our professionals at Epsonsupport247 are the best service providers to eliminate the issue.

Get Immediate Solutions and Fix Light Blinking Errors in Your Epson Printer

If the above-mentioned steps failed to rescue you out of your printing trouble, you should approach our experts at Epsonsupport247 for best-in-class professional assistance. You can connect with us via calls, emails or live chat support. Feel free to dial our Epson printer support number 1-838-800-0650 and grab immediate assistance from us. You can use our live chat support to talk to our experts during the busy hours of the day.

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