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Everything You Need to Know to Fix Epson Scanner Error W-11 Successfully : Connect with Tech Experts to Eliminate Epson Scanner Issues

The All-in-One models of Epson printers are often diagnosed with error code w-11 which mainly occurs when the ink cartridge becomes empty or is incorrectly installed. Most of the time, empty cartridge is the actual reason for this error as incorrect installation can cause the error only if you have recently installed or replaced the cartridge. Whatever may be the reason, you need to replace or reinstall the cartridge at the earliest to resume your printing session. To fix Epson scanner error w-11, you can either consult with an expert or follow the guidelines mentioned in this write-up.

What is Error Code W-11 in Epson Printers?

All-in-One printers perform critical tasks by serving both printing and scanning purposes. This constant dual performance makes it go out of order frequently during the printing or scanning sessions. Epson w 11 error can arise in case the ink cartridge runs out of ink. To resolve the error, you are supposed to replace the cartridge with a new one. If you have already replaced it and the error code is still appearing,there must be a problem with the cartridge installation. You should remove the cartridge from the printer and reinstall it.

Fix Epson Scanner Error code W-11

An outdated cartridge or presence of a faulty chip in the cartridge can also cause Epson w 11 error to appear on your Epson printer. It can also occur if the ink cartridge of the printer contracts or the printer develops complex hardware issues. Replacement or reinstallation of the cartridge is the only option to fix this error code to resume your printing or scanning sessions. In case you face difficulties in performing these processes, follow the instructions discussed in the next paragraph.

Smart Tricks to Replace an Expended Cartridge with a New One

Before starting this procedure, always remember that you should never take out your existing cartridge from the printer until you are ready for its replacement. Also, never take out the new cartridge from its package until you are sure about replacing the cartridge. Once you have made up your mind, follow the instructions given below to run the replacement process.

    • Switch off your printer and open the top cover of the device
    • Remove the scanner unit from the device
    • Click on the stop button and wait for two options to appear
    • In case the cartridge runs out of ink, the print head will change the position of the cartridge towards the indicator.
    • If the cartridge is not empty but you still want to replace or reinstall it, then tap on the stop button
    • Hold it for at least 6 seconds and allow the cartridge to move to the replacement position
    • Take out the old cartridge from the printer carefully and keep it aside
    • Always shake the new cartridge package gently before opening it
    • Take it out from the package and insert it into the printer
    • Push down the holder and wait for a clicking sound to appear
    • Reinsert the scanner unit inside the printer
    • Tap on the stop button and allow the cartridges to get back to their original position
  • As soon as the power light becomes static, you can be sure about the completion of the process

If Epson scanner error 11 continues to appear on your printer, it means the cartridge is not installed properly. Reinstall it as soon as possible by following the method listed below.

Smart Tricks to Replace an Expended Cartridge with a New One

A mistake during the initial setup of the printer ink cartridge might cause this error code to appear on your Epson All-in-One printer. You might opt for a hassle-free solution to this problem by hiring a professional to reinstall the cartridge. However, if you want to perform the task on your own, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. Power off the printer and remove the scanner unit from it
    1. Press the stop button and hold it for some time so that the cartridges can move to the replacement position
    1. Remove the ink cartridge carefully from the device
    1. Clean it properly with a dry cotton cloth
    1. Place it inside the printer within the correct location
    1. Press the holder down and wait until you listen a clicking sound
    1. Place the scanner unit again at its respective position
  1. Wait for the power light to become stable which will confirm the finishing of the cartridge reset process

Did you successfully apply all of the steps mentioned above? Tired of encountering Epson scanner error w-11 again and again? If you are an amateur in handling technical devices, we understand the reasons which can make your baffle. However, an expert’s touch can solve all ink cartridge issues by solving Epson scanner error 11 accurately with advanced printer fix. Do not hire any local service provider as they might cause further damage to your Epson printer. Always connect with a reliable printer service provider to avail quality printer fix that suits your pocket.

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