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Lexmark 900 Firmware Error: Steps To Troubleshoot The Problem With Your Printer Instantly

Lexmark printers can give a tough time to its users, which can include issues with the hardware and firmware as well. But, Lexmark 900 firmware error clearly indicates that it is mostly with the software part. Basically, this specific error can take place, when there are corrupted files within the printer’s firmware. Now, if you are seeing the 900 firmware error in your Lexmark machine, go through this article to know more about it. Here, you will get to learn some of the triggering factors responsible for generating this printer issue. Also, it will provide a few technical solutions in order to resolve software error code 900 in the Lexmark printer.

Reasons Why you are Seeing the Lexmark 900 Firmware Error

The problem regarding Lexmark 900 firmware error can arise with your printer due to various reasons. Hence, in order to troubleshoot the printer, you need to understand the causes of getting this software error. So, let’s take a look at a few possible reasons behind 900 firmware issue in Lexmark printer.

The first and foremost issue that can trigger this error is the outdated firmware version in the printer. In some cases, applying a buggy update for your Lexmark printer can also result in this firmware issue.

If you are trying to connect your printing machine over an unstable wireless or wired network, it can cause this error. Also, any misconfiguration in the IP address of your printer can trigger this firmware problem up.

In case, there are multiple printers connected to a single computer, Lexmark device can display this error. This can usually happen when the firmware for these devices conflict with each other.

Any kind of physical or technical damage in your Lexmark printer can be a major cause of generating 900 firmware error.

What are the Fixes to Remove Lexmark 900 Firmware Error from your PrinterPermanently?

If you are annoyed with the issue of 900 firmware error of your Lexmark printer, try out the following hacks to fix this problem. So, let’s take a look at some of the best solutions for making your Lexmark printer free from this firmware issue:

Fix 1- Detach all the Data Connections and Reboot your Printer

Detach all the Data Connections and Reboot your Printer

In order to apply this solution, make sure that your Lexmark printing device is turned off. Also, remove any attaching cables, power cord, USB, Fax, Ethernet, and WiFi connections to this printer.

Once, you remove all these connecting wires and cables, switch on your Lexmark printer. Try to observe whether it finishes the POST (Power On Self Test) mode successfully and without any error.

If it doesn’t generate any error, you need to navigate through the printer’s operator panel menu. Here, you can obtain a printout of the setting report corresponding to the printing machine.

Hence, generating a full-fledged printer settings report can indicate that 900 firmware error is not a hardware issue. In this condition, you can start applying the remaining solutions discussed in this article.

But, if your printer settings report mentions about Lexmark 900 firmware error, there are few specific fixes to resolve it. This can include restarting your printing machine and performing NVRAM reset. After that, try to generate the settings report and see if Lexmark is showing 900 firmware error.

Fix 2- Make Sure Lexmark’s Print Queue is Not Having any Printing Jobs

If your printer is experiencing any kind of communication-related issues, it can trigger the Lexmark x204n error 900 firmware problem. As this can happen mostly because of problems in the Print Spooler, fixing it may troubleshoot this printer error. If you are using Windows-based computer to set up your Lexmark printer and getting this issue, try the following tips. This will help you with the step by step guide to clear or restart the spooler for fixing the error code 900.

Instructions to Restart Print Spooler in Lexmark

Instructions to Restart Print Spooler in Lexmark

If you want to manually stop your printer’s Print Spooler, click on the Windows Start button. Then, go to ‘Run’ and write ‘command’ in the dialog box. As you press the tab of ‘OK’, Windows will display the Command Prompt window on your Desktop.

In this window, you will have to write the command ‘net stop spooler’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button. This will halt the Print Spooler service immediately on Windows.

Now, you can restart the working of this printer service by typing ‘net start spooler’ and press the ‘Enter’ tab. This entire process will help to clear the Print Spooler in your Lexmark printer and may resolve the firmware error 900.

However, if this doesn’t work, it may also require you to clear the print jobs in the print queue. So, let’s discuss the steps in order to fix this printer error by emptying the printer queue.

Steps to Delete Print Jobs from Lexmark Printer

Steps to Delete Print Jobs from Lexmark Printer

It doesn’t matter which Windows version you are using to connect your Lexmark printer but, deleting the print jobs is a common procedure. Hence, start with hitting the Windows Start button and open the ‘Control Panel’ window from the search box.

Next, go to the section of ‘Hardware and Sound’ and then navigate to the tab for ‘Printers’. Here, you will be able to see the entire list of printing machines installed on your Windows PC including the Lexmark device.

So, locate the icon for your printer from this list and double-click on it. Now, open the ‘Print queue’ and it will help you to determine whether any printing jobs are pending.

Once, you reach up to this step, you have the provision to remove all the print jobs with a single click. For this, find the Printer option from the toolbar and select the tab for ‘Cancel All Documents’. Otherwise, you can also view the print queue and right-click on it for choosing ‘Cancel All Documents’.

Fix 3-  Use Embedded Web Server to Regular Firmware Code for Printer


This specific solution is recommended for resolving Lexmark x204n error 900 firmware, which has caused due to corrupted software code. Hence, you will have to flash the printer firmware by following these steps and obtain the latest code. So, let’s discuss the instructions and update your printer with the proper firmware code.

Users can regulate their printer’s firmware code by making use of the EWS (Embedded Web Server) suitable for Lexmark device. If you want to apply this fix, open a reliable web browser on your system and navigate to the URL bar.

Now, enter the IP address for your Lexmark printing machine in this box and press the ‘Enter’ button. After this, view the on-screen instructions on the printer’s setup page and go to ‘Device Information’.

At the bottom of the screen, it may show you the new firmware code to regulate the printing machine. But, before upgrading the printer software, you need to ensure that it with within the level P128. In case, the firmware is above P128, it may require the technical guidance of a Lexmark technician to proceed with this solution.

So, if your printer’s firmware is at par with P128, download the latest version of the software code by visiting the Lexmark’s website. Then, access your account using proper username and password and go to the link for ‘Support & download’.

Next, you can use the box for ‘search by product name’ and write your printer’s model in it. This will help you to download the available version of the printer’s firmware code on your system.

Hopefully, after installing the updated software for your Lexmark printer, it will fix the Lexmark 900 firmware error. In case, the problem persists, it may require you to remove the printing machine from Registry manually. You can also modify the IP address of your printer by following proper steps to ensure 900 firmware problem doesn’t arise again. For more updates on this Lexmark printer error and advanced fixes, you can consult a technician.

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