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“What To Do When You Get Stuck With Lexmark Error Code 1203?”

You might be perplexed seeing a sudden Lexmark error 1203 on the printer’s Control Panel. This error indicates that the problem is linked to the issues of Alignment, which means that the printer cartridges were not aligned with the other cartridges properly. This error code usually appears when the cartridges are wrongly snapped in. There are several factors which are responsible for this Lexmark error code. But, generally, it arises due to the communication failure between one of the printheads (cartridges) and the All-In-One (AIO) or by a short in one of the printheads. Once this Lexmark error appears on the display screen, users are found that the printing process slowing down and might stop the process at a certain point.

If you are currently dealing with the same Lexmark error code, then without going further, stay on this page until you will find the most reliable ways for resolving the issue you are facing. Here in this article, we are going to provide you the proper guidance to overcome this situation instantly. But before that, let us know why such Lexmark error code appears. So, let’s have a quick look at the possible causes behind this error:

Lexmark Printer Error 1203: Significant Causes behind this Glitch

As we have already mentioned, there are multiple factors responsible for this Lexmark error 1203. But here, we have only mentioned the obvious reason. So, take a glimpse below:

  • The Lexmark error 1203 appears when the connection between the spooler and Lexmark pinter snaps.
  • Severe damage to the printer head can also lead to the Lexmark error 1203.
  • A similar glitch will appear if one of the Lexmark links doesn’t answer to the printer commands.
  • Apart from these, there could be a failure of the hardware elements. Therefore, many other functions might stop working and as a result, Lexmark error 1203 might appear on your screen.

These are the most commonly discovered reasons behind the annoying Lexmark error. However, what might cause this Lexmark error, might encounter that the printing process will slow down or stop abruptly. In such situations, you might require to get rid of this issue as soon as possible. Therefore, directly go to the next section where the reliable techniques are enlisted.

Easy Procedures to Resolve the Lexmark cartridge error 1203

Here, in this section of the article, you will get to learn various easy procedure by which you can easily resolve the Lexmark printer error 1203 on your own. Hence, you can apply the steps accordingly in order to get the best result possible, and do not skip any step. Let’s begin:

Step #1:

In the first step, you have to turn off your Lexmark printer and then, pull out the USB cord from the printer. Now, you need to wait for a while. Then, turn on the [printer again and check whether the Lexmark error 1203 error gets removed or not. In case, the same error code appears in the display screen, then don’t panic There is another step to resolve this issue. Therefore, navigate to the next step.

Step #2:

Here, in this section, you require to remove the printer cartridge carefully and then manually clean it. After cleaning it, you need to place it back to its normal position. 0Once you are done, turn on the Lexmark printer. Don’t forget to close the printer gate once the process is over. After restarting your printer, check if the Lexmark error 1203 gets eliminated from your device. In case, if you still get stuck with the same Lexmark error, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step #3:

If the above steps fail to resolve the Lexmark error 1203, then you can try this step out. Here, we recommend updating the printer driver. If the print drivers get outdated or corrupt, then encountering such a kind of Lexmark error is a quite normal matter.

To update the printer driver, you need to go to the Search field that is on the Taskbar. Now, write “Device Manager” into the search dialog box and press the Enter button or click on the OK button. Now, you require to choose a category to see the name of the devices. Once you locate the names of the devices, right-click on that device you want to update. After that, locate and select the “Update Driver” button from the menu list, and click on it. Next, look for the “Search Automatically For Updated Drivers Software” button. Now, you find this option, simply tap on it. If the updated version of drivers is available then hit the Install Update button. Thereafter, follow the on-screen promotes in order to complete the update process.

Remarks in the End:

These were the most effective steps that you can follow to eliminate the Lexmark error code from your printer device. After following these steps accordingly, you are able to fix this Lexmark related issue on your own. But, in case, you find any kind of difficulty while performing the steps, then you can take experts’ assistance for resolving this matter. Moreover, if you like this article, then you can comment in the feedback section down below.

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