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Fix Lexmark Printer Paper Jam Problem With Easy Hacks

Paper Jam issue is one of the annoying issues for the Lexmark printer users, especially when they try to scan business-related documents. Moreover, the users may get stuck with the paper jam issue while they are trying to generate multiple hard copies. This annoying issue also damages the printer’s output qualities and degrades the scanner performance. Besides this, the printer sometimes stops to respond even after trying multiple times and your attempts got failed by showing the unexpected error message, “Lexmark printer paper jam”. This critical error might occur either due to the input tray problem or for the rear panel issue. Furthermore, a defective sensor unit also sometimes creates this issue very often, However, we are going to try to discuss some of the essential steps in this article to overcome this severe issue without any hassle.

Significant Issues Behind the Lexmark Printer Keeps Jamming Problem:

Some critical issues are responsible for creating the Lexmark printer jam issue. Not only that but it also hampers the entire functions of the printer. So, you need to identify them one-by-one and understand the exact issue very quickly.

  • If any debris, solid particles, dirt, etc are found inside the system input tray.
  • Moreover, the papers that got stuck inside the rear panel of the Lexmark printer create paper jam issues very often.
  • Sometimes, the paper size does not match with the paper feeder size, or not well fitted inside the input system tray, then it may occur.

Resolve the Lexmark Printer Paper Jam Error with Simple And Quick Ways:

Some technical ways are described here which will be effective in resolving the Lexmark printer paper jam issue easily. However, you need to identify the exact factors responsible for this issue. Then, you have to rectify them one after another according to the reasons.

Fix 1: Fix the Input Paper Jam Issue

To remove the input paper jam, you need to clean the surface of the Lexmark printer gently. You need to verify whether the problem arises due to the input paper tray or not.

  1. First, turn off the printer and remove the papers from the input system tray.
  2. Now, locate the pick rollers where you need to insert the paper into the system tray.
  3. Next, carefully move the pick arm in such a way that you can easily able to access the roller.
  4. After that, clean all the rollers attached to each paper tray. Also, the paper tray must be cleaned with a solution that never is reacted with the surface. Now, wipe around each roller’s flat outside surface by clean cloth or cotton balls.
  5. Make sure that no paper dust is removed and no particles, debris are present inside the input system tray. Then, wait for a few minutes to dry the surface completely.
  6. Insert the paper into the system tray and turn on the printer again. Now, try to scan the documents to verify whether the Lexmark printer paper jam issue still persists or not.

However, if you still face any error with the Lexmark paper jam, then you can follow the steps below to overcome this difficulty easily.

Fix 2: Fit Input Tray Properly

If you find out any defective sensor unit inside the Lexmark input tray, then replace it as soon as possible. Moreover, you have to check whether the paper feed roller is fitted properly. Then, make sure that the LF/EJ Slit film is working fine and take immediate action if any problem is found inside it. To repair this section, you can fix all the difficulties associated with the input tray as well as the LF/EJ timing sensor unit.

Besides this, verify whether the input tray is set properly into its specific slot or not. If the tray is not fitted well, then try with another slot to avoid these technical flaws. Similarly, you need to verify the paper size. If the paper size is not proportional to the system tray feeder, then use the appropriate paper size to get rid of the low-quality output.

Fix 3: Resolve Paper Size Problem

By inserting the appropriate size of papers into the input feeder, you can fix the paper jam issue effectively. Thus, by resolving this issue, you can generate multiple copies of high quality.

  1. Open the Lexmark printer setup window and choose Preferences from that Setup page.
  2. Now, click on the Printer Properties from the pop-up appeared on the screen.
  3. Next, tap the Advanced button from the Printer Properties window and launch the Advanced Properties window.
  4. After that, click on the Paper Size section and set the size as per your requirements.
  5. Finally, click on the OK button and close the Printer setup window.  Now, try to scan the Lexmark Printer and verify whether the Lexmark printer keeps jamming issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 4: Remove Internal Paper Jam Error

Sometimes, the paper jam issue got fixed by resolving the sensor unit issue and by replacing the two-sided access door problem easily.

  1. First, disconnect the Lexmark printer from the power by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Now, verify whether the carriage can move fully to the right side of the printer or not. If you don’t find any clogs, then carefully remove the ink cartridges.
  3. After that, you need to remove the jammed papers inside the system tray without removing the drawer.
  4. Next, remove the Lexmark printer rear-access door and rotate the rollers toward the upper section of the printer. Now, try to replace that rear access door or two-sided printing accessories.
  5. Finally, plug in the printer to the device and turn on the Lexmark scanner after replacing the cartridges if necessary. Now, try to scan the documents and verify whether the Lexmark printer paper jam got fixed or not.

Fix 5: Clean Paper Jam from Rear of Printer

Sometimes, the rear panel of the Lexmark printer is responsible for creating the paper jam issue. So, you must clean the rear panel carefully and make sure that it is dust-free. Thus, you can enhance the speed of this output unit very efficiently

  1. First, locate the Knob access tab from the back of the Lexmark printer and move it to the Unlocked position.
  2. Now, you should remove the panel and carefully pull out all the papers which stuck inside the tray.
  3. After clearing the rear panel, press the Release button and remove it.
  4. Locate the small bits of papers if found any and clear away as soon as possible. Now, push back the module door and fit into the proper position.
  5. Next, open the access door by pressing the button on the top and close the rear module door after removing the panel.
  6. Finally, take a hardcopy by using the Lexmark printer and verify whether the printer error occurs due to the paper jam issue or not.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have defined effective solutions to resolve the Lexmark printer paper jam issue within a short period of time. Moreover, we have tried to analyze the significant reasons behind this critical issue along with the possible symptoms. Besides this, we have tried to give some additional tips to avoid this technical hassle. So, we hope that this content will be helpful to overcome all the flaws at the time of accessing the Lexmark printer.

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