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Brother Printer Not Recognized After Windows 10 Update? Check Out the Surefire Fixes

Brother Printers certainly enjoy an enviable presence in the Market. However, that does not in any way imply that the Brother Printers are free from glitches. In this light, one of the most recurrent problems users face is “Brother Printer Not Recognized After Windows 10 Update”.

However, like every other problem, this too can be resolved quite easily. Thus, in this article, we shall discuss the causes and offer you the most feasible solutions to the problem. So, without any further ado, let us begin.    

What Causes Brother Printer Not Recognized After Windows 10 update Error? 

Now, as promised, we shall provide you the suitable fixes for the problem under discussion. However, before that, let us shed some light on the potential factors causing the issue. Take a look at them. 

It is seen that the latest versions of the Operating Systems are not featured with old drivers that may be utilized for the printers of older versions. This can be a major cause behind the occurrence of  “Brother Printer Not Recognized After Windows 10 update” error.

Besides, another name for the error under discussion is “Brother Printer Error codes This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)”. This is so, since, users often fail to detect their Brother Printer USB device when they update or upgrade their Windows 10 OS.

Brother Printer USB Device Not Recognized- When does it Happen? 

Essentially speaking, the USB composite devices function as connective peripheral in between two devices. Now,  in case the Brother Printer is found dysfunctional or the USB device fails to locate the printer, then you have every possibility of facing the Brother Printer error.

Moreover, such an error message can occur due to malware issues which are pretty common after Windows 10 Updates. However, even if you face such an error message, you do not need to worry much. The issue can be fixed quite easily. 

How To Fix Brother Printer Not Recognized After Windows 10 Update Within Minutes

Under this section, we are going to offer the surefire workarounds that you should apply to redress the glitch in question. Do give them a read. 

Solution 1: Check the Cable Connection

In case you are facing the issue recurrently, you should first and foremost check the cable connection. See whether you have a stable network connection. 

Often the error triggers simply due to unstable network connectivity. Thus, checking the cables for smooth network connectivity is a must. 

Solution 2: Try Updating the Firmware 

Updating the Firmware of the Brother Printer is one of the effective solutions to the problem. Follow the under-mentioned instructions to perform the Firmware Update. 

  • Visit the official Website of the Brother Printer
  • Thereafter, reach out to the “Downloads” section and look out for your Brother Printer.
  • You can locate your device either by putting its model number or by selecting the Product Category of your printer.
  • Thereafter, select the model number of your printer when it pops up on the screen.  
  • Following this, on reaching out to the Downloads Section, you must download your preferred Brother Printer. Choose the latest version of the Operating System as per your choice. 
  • Now, proceed to the Firmware section and select the Firmware Update Utility. 
  • As soon as you press on the option, the Firmware Update page will show up on-screen. The moment the page pops up, select the language of your choice. 
  • In completion of the above step, press upon the Agree button. As soon as you do so, the Firmware Update Utility is going to initiate the downloading process automatically.  
  • Once, the download is complete, run it afresh.  

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the Brother Printer Software

Reinstalling the printer software afresh after its initial uninstallation can be a suitable fix for “Brother Printer not recognized after Windows 10 update” error. To do this, follow the instructions cited below. 

  • First, press on the Brother Software. Once the Brother Printer windows pop up, reach out to the Utilities Section. 
  • Thereafter, press on Tools. 
  • Following this, press on the “Uninstall” button and then click on OK. 
  • Now, in order to reinstall the software afresh, repeat the same process. Just instead of clicking on uninstall, this time press on the “Install” button. 

That’s it, once done, you should no longer face “Brother Printer error codes This device cannot start (Code 10)” message

Wrapping Up 

Before we wrap up our article, we wish to leave a small piece of advice for all our readers out there. “Brother Printer not recognized after Windows 10 update” error is undeniably one of the most frustrating issues as it disrupts the smooth printing experience.

Thus, you should not leave it unattended for long if you are facing it frequently. So, take note of the surefire remedial measures we suggested above. And, then apply them at the earliest to counter this sticky technical glitch. You can consider consulting the technical experts for detailed guidance.

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