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Fix Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn’t Work Issue With Some Easy And Effortless Hacks

If you are owning an Epson printer and facing misfeed problem from your Epson printer, then follow this article. Epson printer head cleaning doesn’t work is the problem that occurs under such a situation. This issue has been faced by the Epson printer users for a couple of times. Commonly, the reasons behind this problem are low cartridges or when the cartridge yields are clogged with the printer head. With the advancement in technology, the size of every product gets reduced. In the same way, the reduction of printer nozzles in diameter actually helps to print good quality printing.

Therefore, if you have no idea how to get rid of the Epson printer problem, then stay with this article. We are going to discuss effective solutions for this annoying problem.

Probable Reasons Behind the Issue Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn’t Work:

First, you need to know the actual reasons behind the issue. The main reason is Epson printer has been sitting on the shelf for quite a while. As a result, the inkjet cartridges are still fine but the nozzles are partially dried. In addition, the air bubble also presents in the clog. Bubbles can form when you switch to new ink, replace cartridges or experience fluctuations at room temperature.

Whatever the reasons behind the issue, you need to fix the issue anyhow. Here, we are given all the possible solution that you might apply in order to fix the problem.

Simple Steps to Solve Epson Printer Head Cleaning Doesn’t Work Problem:

If you have an Epson printer and face Epson printer head cleaning doesn’t work, then you need to perform some simple steps to resolve the issue. Here, we are providing the most effective ways to get rid of this situation.

Method 1: Keep your Epson Printer Clean

Usually, air blockage of the clogged printhead is the main reason behind this problem. Due to this, the nozzles of the printer are becoming smaller. Then, another main culprit is dried ink. You might find dust in your printer head. A foreign particle can often accentuate this issue. Moreover, the air can trap dust in the nozzles of the Epson printer. Hence, you need to keep your printer clean. If you clean the outside of the printer, then the dirt particles will increase in the inner portion. But when you are performing to clean the inside of the printer, then you need to be very careful while executing this. After that, you have to clean the clogged print head nozzles using a lint-free napkin or cotton swab. You can use an air duster or vacuum to clean the printhead.

Method 2: Turning Printers Off at Night

Basically, all the printers have a common system where they run a small cleaning cycle when you turn on the printer. This cycle is useful for printers and reduces the possibility of blocking the printhead nozzle. If you are working with the Epson printer the whole day, then it is necessary to turn off the printer in the night.

Method 3: Printing Regularly

It is advised that you need to turn on the printer regularly and work on it daily. If a printer is used regularly, it will perform better. It will help you to fix your printer problem. You won’t fall in such situations after doing this.

To Sum it Up

The information provided in the above section must be enough to help you eradicate the problem Epson printer head cleaning doesn’t work. If the problem still remains, then try to verify whether there is a problem in the network. Nevertheless, if you have any suggestions or question regarding this, you can post them in the comment section below.

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