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[FIXED] Epson Printer Not Printing Problem: Make It Print With Troubleshooting Steps

A large group of customers has reported about printing issues on their Epson printers. The error can occur in various forms, hence, you need to consider both software and hardware problems in your printer. 

If you are not a technical geek, it’s quite difficult for you to analyze why your Epson printer not printing anymore.

Whenever your printing machine stops generating printouts, there are multiple reasons behind it. Sometimes, this issue can occur if your printer driver is corrupted or outdated. Otherwise, it can happen if any of the printer’s component is physically damaged or having some technical problem.  

According to some experts, issues like paper jam, disabled Print Spooler service, and clogged print heads can also be responsible for stopping the Epson printer. 

However, there are cases where connecting too many printers on the same computer can affect the performance of this printing machine. 

Fortunately, you can try some of the troubleshooting tricks that many technicians suggest in order to make Epson printers work. So, you can refer to the solutions discussed in this article to gain some clarity on the factors preventing Epson devices to print.

Things to Remember When Your Epson Printer has Stopped Printing

If you are confused and thinking why your Epson printer won’t print, try to understand the causes of encountering the error. This is why it is necessary to check certain things to evaluate the type of error that is stopping the printing machine.

For Epson Printer Connected to PC via USB Cable

First, you need to ensure if the cable attached between your computer and printer is secure and working. In case, there is an issue like a loose connection, tear or breakage in the cable, faulty power cord, you have to repair/replace them at the earliest.


Sometimes, the users prefer to connect their Epson printers to the PCs by using a USB hub in between the devices. But, if you are noticing that Epson printer not printing anything, try to remove the hub and establish a direct connection instead.

If a specific USB port is not detecting your printer or is showing signs of being defective, try to use another port. Due to technical reasons, the power from the computer’s motherboard doesn’t reach to the USB terminals. 

Hence, you need to get it checked with an Epson technician and fix printing problem.

For Epson Printer Using Wireless/Ethernet Network to Connect to PC

Your first task is to examine the working condition of both the modem and router devices. This is important in order to confirm whether the printer is not printing due to instability in the WiFi or Ethernet network. 

So, first, check if your Epson printer is connected to a system using a stable wireless connection or not. In case, the network strength is low, try to keep both your router and printer within close proximity. 

This tip is also recommended for those who are connecting their Epson printers via Bluetooth devices. Otherwise, you have to reconnect the network cable and plug it into your printer for printing again. 

Solutions to Apply When Epson Printer not Printing Anymore:

In the above section, you have come across the points that are basic methods to fix issues in Epson printer. Now, the following points will focus on the technical fixes that are necessary to bring your printer out of the pause mode.

Fix 1: Select your Epson Device as Default Printer

Select your Epson Device as Default Printer

Often, the printer can stop responding to your print command if there are multiple printers connected to your laptop. This is why it is important to set a specific printer as the default one for quick recognition by the PC.

In this case, you need to mention your Epson printer as the default printing machine to make it work. So, if you are connecting the printer to a Windows-based computer, follow the steps discussed below.

Launch the Run dialog box by pressing both the Windows logo and R button at the same time. Then, write ‘control’ in the text field and execute it by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.

Change the option of ‘View by’ to ‘Large icons’ and click on the icon of ‘Device and Printers’. Now, locate the symbol of Epson printer below the heading of ‘Printers’ and right-click on it. 

Next, choose the option of ‘Set as default printer’ and wait for a green tick sign beside the printer’s icon. Next, try to test print something on your Epson device and see if it’s printing. 

Fix 2: Relaunch Print Spooler Service on your PC 

Relaunch Print Spooler Service on your PC 

There is a Print Spooler service running in your system, which is essential for managing the printing jobs. Also, it ensures that the Epson printer can communicate properly with the computer. 

So, if something goes wrong with this service, it can hamper the printing process. Hence, you should check the status of Print Spooler and ensure that it’s running in the background.

To apply this method, hit the tabs for ‘Window and R’ to open the Run box. Then, write ‘services.msc’ in the text field click on the tab of ‘OK’. This will display the Services window along with the list of services running on Windows. 

Hence, scroll down the list and choose the services of ‘Print Spooler’. Now, open this tab by double-clicking on it and then go to the ‘General’ section. Then change the ‘Startup type’ to ‘Automatic’ and check whether ‘Service status’ is chosen as ‘Running’. 

If the print spooler service is not working then it can be the issue behind stopping Epson printer. Hence, you have to click on the ‘Start’ button below the section of Service status. Then select the tab of ‘OK’ and check if the device is printing anything. 

Fix 3: Clear Pending Jobs from Printer’s Queue

Clear Pending Jobs from Printer’s Queue

In case the Epson device is not generating the printouts with the previous fixes, try this one. Here, you will have to follow the stepwise instructions to clear all the printing tasks from the printer’s queue. 

So, to clean the print jobs, follow the steps in the fix 2 and open the ‘Print Spooler Properties’ window. Then, hit the ‘Stop’ button below the heading of ‘Service status’ and click on ‘OK’ button. 

Next, access the Explorer window by pressing ‘Windows+E’ and write ‘%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS’ in the address box. As you press the tab of ‘Enter’, it will display the ‘PRINTERS’ folder with a list of print jobs. 

So, delete the items in this folder and return back to the ‘Print Spooler Properties’ window. Here, relaunch the Print Spooler service by hitting the ‘Start’ button under the section of ‘Service Status’. 

Finally, save the changes by clicking on both ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons and exit all the windows. Then, switch off the PC and remove the connection from the Epson printer. Leave aside the devices for 1-2 minutes and then reconnect the cords and turn on both Printer and computer. Try to take out a printout and see if the device is working properly. 

Fix 4: Check Ink Level and Fix Print Heads

Check Ink Level and Fix Print Heads

Sometimes, your Epson printer can stop working if there are some issues in the cartridge or printhead section. Hence, you can resume printing on your device by examining the level of ink in the printer. If it’s too low, then try to refill the ink or replace it with new cartridges.

But, if the printer has stopped working because of clogged printheads, try to clean them out. So, first, open the control panel for your Epson printer and go to the maintenance screen. 

However, make sure that your printer is working normally and the print head is defective. 

You can even access this screen by opening the printer setup page from the home button. Next, choose the tab for ‘Print Head Nozzle Check’ and ensure that the paper tray is loaded with sheets. 

Now, you can generate a test printout to confirm that the printhead is having a clogging issue. Otherwise, consult a technician to explain the method and clean the printhead to make your printer work. 

What are the Steps to Clean the Printhead in your Epson Printer?

First, click on the Windows Start menu and find the ‘Control Panel’ app from the search box. Then, locate the tab of ‘Devices and Printers’ and choose the Epson printer. 

After right-clicking the device, select ‘Properties’ and then go to the tab of ‘Maintenance’. Under the section of ‘Tools’, find a suitable option for cleaning ink cartridges and/or printheads. 

Next, you need to follow the instructions displayed on your screen to perform the cleaning process. Otherwise, you can take a lint-free cloth piece and dip it in water to clean the printhead unit. 


So, you have come across the reasons why Epson printer not printing. It has also covered the steps that are essential to fix the connectivity issue in the printer. 

In case you are still experiencing any trouble in applying the fixes or want help from professionals, get in touch with an Epson technician. 

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