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Lexmark Printer Paper Feed Problems: Get Some Easy And Quick Solutions

Lexmark is one of the most popular brands throughout the globe. It holds an envious position among others due to its exceptional features and printing quality. Despite being so famous, it is not free from random glitches. When the inkjet printer declines to feed paper in a proper way, you need to fix it immediately to continue the printing job. If you are unaware of how to solve Lexmark printer paper feed problems, then nothing to get worried about this.

Here, in this guide, you will know some amazing tips and tricks to solve the issues with your Lexmark printer. Hence, you are advised to go through the article given below. So, let’s start.

Easy Hacks to Fix the Lexmark Printer Paper Feed Problems

Most of the times, the paper feeding problem results from the problems with the loaded paper. If any particular paper plate of your printer is not feeding properly, then there must be a problem with the rubber paper rollers of that particular plate.

If the printer’s rollers are worn or dirty, then you can also face the same problem. Hence, you should have a look at the below points to get rid of this problem:

Paper Draw

When your Lexmark printer declines to draw papers from the paper plate, then it can happen due to the improper arrangement of the paper within the plate. To fix such an issue, you should remove and reinsert the paper into the plate.

After that, if you see that the printer still fails to draw the paper from the plate, then there must be some problem with the pickup hardware of the printer’s paper plate. Hence, you should replace it immediately to continue your printing job.

Paper Jam

Paper jams usually occur from problems with the paper stuck into the paper plate of the printer. The paper jam issue may happen when you are using too thick or too thin papers. Hence, you should replace the paper to solve this problem. Pulling the roller slowly while removing the jammed paper can help you to prevent the roller damaging issues.

After that, you have to check whether the printer is working or not. If you see that the Lexmark printer paper feed problems occur, then the problem may be happening with the feed rollers.

Paper Orientation

If the printer declines to pull the paper correctly from the paper plate, then the documents may print at an edge instead of printing upright across the page. Usually, this problem occurs when you have loaded the paper inside the paper tray improperly.

You can solve this problem by removing the paper and reinserting them into the paper plate. After that, if the Lexmark 4300 printer paper feed problems persist, then you should replace the device that pulls the paper from the plate and feeds the paper into the printer.

Additional Guide: Using Control Panel

After trying all the solutions provided above, if you still face the same issue, then you should try to fix the Lexmark printer paper feed problems by using the Control Panel. To perform this, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1:

At first, move the cursor to the bottom-left corner of the window and tap on the Start menu. Then, you have to type ‘control panel’ in the search field. Tap on the ‘Control Panel’ option from the search results.

Step 2:

Type ‘Computer Management’ in the search box of the Control Panel window. Then, hit the Enter key from the keyboard to navigate to the target window.

Step 3:

Now, you have to navigate to the Services section and tap on the ‘Print Spooler’ option. Tap on the ‘Restart’ option to restart the Print Spooler Services. Now, you should check whether the ‘Lexmark printer paper not feeding’ issue is resolved or not. If you see that the issue persists, then move on to further steps.

Step 4:

Now, you have to disconnect the interface cable and unplug the Lexmark printer. Next, you have to make sure that no paper is stuck inside your printer as it can lead to other issues. Now, you should leave the printer turned off for at least 2-3 minute. Then, reconnect it again.

Step 5:

After reconnecting the printer properly, you should try to print some documents to check if the issue still appears or not. If the issue still occurs, then you need to uninstall the drivers of the printer. Then, reinstall them again.

Step 6:

To reinstall the Printer Driver, you have to go to the official website of Lexmark. Then, download the latest drivers of the printer and install it by following the on-screen prompts.

After that, you should try to check whether the Lexmark 4300 printer paper feed problems are resolved properly.

Preventions to Keep Issues Away

To prevent potential paper feed issues, you should clean the printer regularly. The increase of dust or other debris may block the rollers to move in a proper way. Additionally, you need to take time to eliminate the paper from the tray after a paper jam.

You have to remove all the small bits of trapped papers from the printer’s rollers. It may help you to prevent future paper jams problem. Always try to use supported paper sizes and types to prevent the ‘Lexmark printer paper not feeding’ issue.

Final Recommendation

In the above post, we have discussed some of the possible ways to fix the Lexmark printer paper feed problems. We hope if you implement the above methods in their given order, then it will surely assist you to put an end to this bug.

After successfully implementing the above steps, if you still face any kinds of trouble, then you need to connect with a tech expert. In addition, you can also share your queries and valuable feedback through the comment section given at the end of this post.

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