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Get to Know About Fixing Epson Printer Error Code 0xea by Applying Some Simple Steps

Since the advent of the technological era, we have seen several changes and innovations. Gadgets like computers, laptop, and printer, have given us a new way of working. Now we are more efficient and productive due to these devices only. If we focus on printers alone, then you will find multiple options in the market, but one who is leading the industry since its inception is Epson. It has more than eight series of printers which covers all most every segment of the marketplace. From colored printers to black and white, it has alternatives for everyone in all possible price ranges. Name your need, and they will fulfill it. However, with time these gadgets collapse too, and reasons can be many such as regular use, part malfunction and error codes, etc. One of the errors which generally users encounter while working on Epson printers is 0xEA. You can come across it due to following reasons:  

  1. Jammed carriage caddy of the printer due to some stuck packaging material
  2. Cartridges are not correctly seated and installed

Epson Printer Error Code 0xEA

The tendency of getting Epson printer error code 0xea is higher in new printers as compared to the old versions as it generally occurs at the time of the first setup. It is an outcome of misconfiguration and wrong installation. However, with some simple steps, you can fix it on your own. Instead of finding a nearby Epson repair center all you need to do is follow the process which I have mentioned below. Here it is necessary to follow all the steps in the same manner in which they are written as any deviation will hamper the result.

  • Step 1: Open the printer and look inside to ensure that there is no material such as  tapes, or anything else which is stuck
  • Step 2: Take a close look at the cartridges and make sure that they are seated correctly and are appropriately installed
  • Step 3: Turn the printer OFF if resetting the cartridges did not resolve the error
  • Step 4: Now take all the cartridges out of the printer and scrutinize them. Here you have to look for materials which are left over the cartridges
  • Step 5: Again install them back and make sure that they are seated accurately.
  • Step 6: Turn on the printer and process a printing job to check if the error is persisting or not

Usually by applying this process, one can resolve this problem but still if you fail to fix it on your own then contacting the Epson printer repair service provider at +1-855-997-4421 will be a right thing to do. Sometimes finding a source of  Epson error code 0xea can be difficult. Here you will need an expert who has worked on several cases of printer repairs. If you have basic technical knowledge then only proceed further by applying other methods as one wrong move can damage your device permanently.

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