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A Complete Guide On How To Perform Epson Printer Resetter

Epson is always considered as one of the best printer manufacturing company in this digital market. However, the Epson printer users must reset the ink cartridge chip in a regular manner in order to use them correctly. It helps the users to get more to use out of your ink cartridge. Keeping that in the mind, here we are going to illustrate some excellent hacks that will help you to manually reset Epson ink cartridge. So, it is recommended to follow the steps exactly the same and perform the Epson I220 resetter on your own.

Stepwise Instructions to Manually Reset Epson Ink Cartridge:

Basically, you need to reset the ink cartridge when it starts to malfunction. As a result, your work gets disrupted to a great extent. At that time, resetting Epson 200 ink cartridge is the ultimate ways to get back to your printer as same as the previous one. So, have a deep look at the entire section and execute the methods described below in an easy way.

Solution 1: By Using a Cartridge Chip Reset Tool

This is the basic method to reset the Epson printer ink cartridge. So, the first thing you have to do is to verify whether the Cartridge Chip Reset tool is compatible with your device or not. If it is negative, then we recommended not to try this method as well. Thus, look at the packaging of the printer and check it. Else if it’s positive, then you have to remove the blank cartridge from the Epson printer you are using. Then, you need to associate the cartridge with the marks that are showed at the chip reset tool. Remember that every chip reset tool is designed differently based on the accommodation of ink cartridge.

After that, you have to firmly tap on the pins present on the reset tool. When the LED light starts to blink green, release the pins as well. This will demonstrate that the tool has connected and identified with the ink cartridge. Next, press the chip reset tools pins continuously. You can see that the LED converts red light to green and at that time release the pins. Hopefully, by this method, you can easily reset your Epson printer without any trouble.

Solution 2: By Swapping Cartridge Chips

If the first method is not workable for Epson I220 resetter, then follow this method as an alternative. The very first thing you have to do is to detach both the black and color ink cartridges from your Epson printer. After that, you have to use a single-sided razor blade. It will help you to remove the extra plastic from the ink cartridge. Next, drift the chip upward and remove from the ink cartridge. Now, you have to redo the previous method for once more time. After that, you have to place the colored cartridge in the black cartridge. Also, you need to place the chip from the black to the color ink cartridge. This trick will reset your Epson printer thinking the empty cartridge to a full one.

Now, you have to keep the ink cartridges the same as before and tap on the “Ink change” option. The monitor of your device will show the ink level of your device. After that, tap on the “ink change” for once more time. Thereafter, you have to remove the ink cartridges from your Epson printer. Then, switch the cartridge chips with another one and tap on the “Ink change” option. Hopefully, now your printer is ready to print. Try to print black and colored printer and rectify whether it completes the job or not.

Solution 3: Alternative Process

If the before mentioned steps are not enough for Epson printer resetter, then you might go through with these steps. So at first, turn off the printer, unplug the power cord and disconnect the USB cable from the computer. After that, press and hold the Power and Resume buttons and plug the power cord into the outlet to begin printer initialization. Then, you have to release the Power button (while still holding down the “Resume” button). Thereafter, press and hold the Power button to activate the test mode. Now, free the Power and Resume buttons to activate service mode.

Keep waiting for the lights to stop flashing. Then, tap on the Resume button to cycle through the settings until the message “Reset waste ink counter” or “Ink count” is displayed for three to four times. If “Ink count” is displayed, hit the 0 buttons to reset. Next, you have to choose the Set or OK button and then turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. At the final stage, plug the power cord into the outlet and also plug the USB cable into the computer and turn the printer on.

Problems you might face with the Epson l220 Resetter:

Users may face some issues while they are trying to resetting Epson 200 ink cartridge. Keeping that in the mind, here we are going to state some issues as well. When you press the chip resetter and no LED illuminates, then you might unable to complete the reset process as well. You need to try the method for once more and in case, if you failed to do so, then assume that the chip reset tool itself has the problem. Thus, you have to buy another one at that time. Sometimes, issues arise when you are trying to turn off your device after a complete reset. It may be the reason for the dead or damaged battery.

Concluding Lines

Hopefully, the above fixes will definitely help you to manually reset the Epson ink cartridge. But in any case, if you find any sort of complications, then you can write to us. Moreover, give your valuable comment in the feedback box and take the expert’s advice as well.

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