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Printer Not Responding Issues? Call for 24×7 Printer Support

Printers are the most useful device to keep a documented record of any softcopy. What if your Printer not responding to any print job, when you need it the most. This is one of the common problems that you may face with any printers. But, no need to worry about that, simple steps can help you resolve the issue in most of the cases.

Printer Not Responding

There could be a number of reasons for the printer is not responding problem. Boiling down the entire problem, it could be a driver problem, or unable to connect to the network may cause this issue. Fixing the issue sometimes give you a hard time, however, there are some tricks you can try to resolve the issues. Fixing the issue may require a minimum amount of technical knowledge, without a proper knowledge you might end up doing some serious damage to your machine.


Fix Printer Not Responding Issue

There are a number of ways to fix the issue, although, these are the quick solution you can try to fix the issue. If you are not comfortable playing around with the technical things, you can contact us. We have experienced tech experts to help you resolve the issue.

Cancel ongoing Printing job

The first thing, ensure the printer is on and all the cables are well connected. Now you need to go to the control panel by using the computer and select view device and printers. Set the printer you are using in the default printer. Right-click on the printer icon and go to the properties and cancel all the pending printing jobs.

Reboot Your Printer

If the printer is not operating then you need to reboot the printer. In order to do that, you can first remove the cartridge from the printer and then remove all the cables from the printer. Wait for sometimes and then power it back on and install the cartridge when instructed to. Doing that might resolve the issues in the first instance.

Check Network Connectivity

Sometimes due to wireless network error, you might face this issue too. In that case, you need to check the network connectivity, if the printer is connected to a wifi network then restart the router. Also check the status of the network, If it requires to reboot the printer

Update Driver and Reinstall

An outdated driver may cause the Printer Not Responding issue too. It would be wise to update the driver to the latest version. An updated driver comes with all latest bug fixes and patches.


Connect With Our Expert Professionals

After all, if you are facing the same issue, get in touch with our Printer Support expert professionals at our toll-free Number: +1-855-997-4421 and resolve the issues instantly. Our Printer Support experts are operational round the clock, so reach us the moment you face a problem.

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