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Canon Printer Error u052: Easy And Quick Ways To Troubleshoot It

Canon Printer error u052 is yet another fancy issue that printers manifest to which users become anxious.


Despite the versatile features of the Canon devices, all the versions of their printers are subject to unforeseen malfunctions. Furthermore, this particular error code is associated with the printhead. If the printhead is incorrect, the code flashes before you.


However, this problem is extremely easy to troubleshoot. And on seeing this code, users tend to panic and search for solutions.


At times, they jump to the steps without knowing the fundamentals of the error code. Moreover, they must also be aware of the probable causes which have the potential to induce such problems.


Therefore, it is essential as well as highly beneficial if you take a glance at the immediate section. In this way, the article is highly packed with all the necessary information that you’d require.

More About the Canon Printer Error Code u052: Its Implications and Potential Reasons

One of the highly common scenes is the error code u052 flashing before you. But, is very easy for you to troubleshoot and resume with the otherwise regular workflow.


However, there exist two separate situations associated with the u052 message. The first scenario is when the printhead is not installed. During such a time, the alert message appears to inform you of the malfunction.


The message that comes before you, states that the print head is wrong or incorrect.


The second scenario conveys a different malfunction. Here, the printhead is installed but fails to function as normal.


Now, the issue happens due to plenty of reasons. Stick through and take a glimpse of the probable causes.

The Potential Causes which Induce the Error Code

In this section, we discuss the probable reasons for the issue to manifest before people. Therefore, take a careful glimpse of the underlying points.

Loose Cord/Cable Connections

At times, the cables that are connected to the Canon printer are loose. Therefore, it is essential for users to begin with the basic inspection.


The cords can be loose or the connection may fluctuate. And in such cases, the sight of the Canon printer head issue is inevitable.

Fluctuating or Slow Internet Connection

The internet connection is yet another factor which one must inspect during a crisis.


If the internet is slow or is fluctuating, the u052 error code is surely to manifest. Therefore, check the internet connection properly. Firstly, check the cords and then move over to the adapter.


At times, the adapter requires an update. And that can resolve the entire issue properly.

Disrupted Golden Contacts

At times, the golden contacts in the ink cartridges tend to break due to certain mishaps. And, that makes the establishment of a connection between the cartridges and the printer impossible.


In such a case, one must replace them with either a new one or an old one which is functional.


The golden contacts break due to sudden and violent impact on them while clicking them into place.

Faulty Printer Driver

A corrupt or faulty printer driver has the tendency to manifest the Canon Printer error u052.


During such a time, make sure to check for available updates so that you can resume with the regular functioning of the printer device.


So, these were the probable reasons for the error code to appear.

Quick Ways to Troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error Code u05

As said earlier, the Canon Printer error u052 has two scenarios. And in this section, we present a discussion considering both the error cases.


Therefore, stick through and implement the steps properly.

Error u052 with Printhead Installed

In this scenario, you must adhere to the following steps. And in case of the second scenario, head to the next immediate section.


However, make sure to implement the steps with care and caution.

Step 1: Open the Lid

First, open the top-most lid of the Canon printer to access the printer’s cartridge as well as the print head. Now, when you open the lid, the slot for the cartridges tend to lift up automatically to the printer’s middle front.

Step 2: Unplug the Power Supply

Then, unplug the Canon printer and disconnect the cables from the power supply. Also, ensure that the lever of the cartridge which is located somewhere on the side of the cradle is elevated up.


The cartridge slot, in the lever’s current position, will not move automatically. The Canon Printer error u052 appears during such a case.

Step 3: Remove Cartridges

After that, proceed to remove and take out all the ink cartridges from the printer device.

Step 4: Remove the Printhead

Taking out the ink cartridges tends to expose and reveal the print head. Now, you must remove it gently from the printer.


To do this, simply hold it just in the position of the cartridges’ place. Then, pull it gently which will induce the printhead to easily come out.

Step 5: Basic Clean

After that, conduct a cleaning session. Just the basics will do. Take a clean and dry cloth and run it on the device. Also, be careful while working near the critical and hard-to-reach areas.


Furthermore, be extra careful while cleaning the sensitive areas. Make sure that you don’t disrupt the golden contacts.

Step 6: Insert the Printhead and Set Everything

In this step, proceed to reinsert the print head as well as the ink cartridges back into the Canon printer. Also, ensure that no doors or lids are open and that the lever is back in its position.


Close the top-most lid of the Canon printer. After that, switch On the device. Finally, to check if all is well and the Canon Printer error code u052, take out a print.


Most probably, the problem is sure to go away. Moreover, you can also seek professional assistance to treat the issue.

Error u052 without Printhead Installed

In this case, when the printhead is not installed, the procedure is as follows. Implement the underlying steps but with caution and care.

Step 1: Open the Printer’s top lid

Firstly, switch Off the printer device. Then, proceed to open the printer’s top lid. In case there are no printhead or cartridges in the printer, the positioning of the slot of the cartridge would be in the printer’s middle front with the lever elevated up.

Step 2: Install the Printhead

In this step, you must install the printhead to the sliding rail right beside the slot for cartridges.

Step 3: Install Cartridges

Into the slots, install the cartridges. Then, close the lever and also make sure that no door or lid is open. Also, ensure that the print heads are installed properly.


Finally, close the printer’s top lid and then switch the device On. After that, run a test just to check if the issue is no longer present.

Wrapping up

In this way, you can resolve the issue with ease. In order to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error code u052. Make sure to implement the above-mentioned problems with caution.


We encourage concerned users to try their hands on the problem. And, only if the steps and procedures, which we discussed, don’t work, professional assistance is an option.


Furthermore, expert assistance can troubleshoot the problem and enable you to enjoy the former seamless workflow.

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