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Know Prominent Solutions To Resolve Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed Issue

Canon printer paper won’t feed issue is one of the most frequently occurring issues that almost any Canon printer users can get.

This paper feeding issue mainly occurs due to the wrong installation of the paper sack over the tray. When this bug occurs, It can be quite ridiculous at that time as it completely blocks the device to print further.

So, if you are one of those unfortunate who has encountered this issue and looking for some tricks to settle it permanently, then you have landed to the right page.

In this content, we will explain all the prime suspects for this issue and also the prominent hacks to treat this issue at the earliest.

Prime Causes for the Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed Issue:

If you are encountering this harassing situation where your Canon mg2520 won’t feed paper, then there might be several causes behind this issue.

This issue mainly occurs due to the improper installation of the paper set into the tray. However, in most cases, if the carriage is not moving freely into the printing machine, then it will cause this paper feeding issue.

Paper feed rollers are another prime suspect for this issue if those got stuck with the fiber dust or with the outside dirt.

But thankfully, we got sufficient hacks to eliminate this issue that we will present in the next section.

Effective Methods to Prevent the Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed Issue:

Here in this section, we will present all the amazing tricks to get back your Canon printer to print out the pages as earlier.

You can perform all these methods consistently unless you get the paper feeding issue resolved.

Method 1: Remove if any Paper Stuck in the Loading Tray

If any paper gets stuck into the printer, then it will surely cause the paper feeding issue. You need to remove those papers from the tray out patiently to get escape from this issue.

Below are some hacks provided to continue with this method.

  1. You need to turn on the printer at first and remove the loose paper out from the paper tray, if present.
  2. Locate the Resume button from the printer and press on that.
  3. Remove the stuck paper one sheet at a time and check for any remaining bits of paper.

Now, restart the Canon printer and see if the printer is working all good as earlier. If still, the paper feed issue remains, try another solution discussed below.

Method 2: Look for the Jammed Papers in the Output Tray

After reviewing the input plate perfectly, you have to check for the output tray on your Canon printer. There you need to verify if there any fault with the output tray or not. 

Check out the steps given below in order to end the task:

  1. At first, switch off the printer and cut all the Power cables from the rear view of the printer.
  2. Now, find out the output paper tray from the head of the printer and extract the tray out gently to remove the paper jam.
  3. If there is any jammed paper inside the tray, then remove it gently and reconnect the printer back.

After finishing these above steps, try printing a few pages to check if the paper feeding issue is resolved. 

If still, you are unable to settle that issue on your Canon device, try a different trick given below.

Method 3: Make Sure that the Carriage can Move Freely on your Canon Printer

If the carriage cannot move freely on your device, it will result in a paper feeding issue. Hence, go through the steps given below in order to avoid this matter.

  1. At first, turn off the printer and disconnect all the Power cables from the printer.
  2. Now, extract the cartridge opening bar slowly and wait until the carriage is quiet and calm before you proceed.
  3. Verify for any paper or objectives that might be restricting the carriage and then enter inside the printer through the ink cartridge entrance gateway.
  4. Leave the carriage manually and if the carriage is stuck on the right side, then move it to the left corner of the printer.
  5. If the carriage is stabbed on the left side, then push it towards the right side. After that, remove the loose paper if found.
  6. Now, make sure the carriage is running freely over the width of the printer and then persistently push the carriage to the left side and then on the right side.
  7. At last, close the ink cartridge access door and reconnect all the Power cable to turn on the device back.

After treating all the above actions precisely, try printing the pages to check if the issue is resolved. If still, you are unable to settle the paper jam issue, try another solution here below.

Method 4: Clean the Paper Feed Rollers

The paper feed rollers on the printer is basically a tiny round rubber item that allows feeding the printer paper within the printer device. 

The paper feed rollers get affected with dust, paper fiber, or other things which result in a paper feeding issue. 

Hence, go through the steps given below in order to clean the feed rollers on your Canon printer:

  1. At first, turn off the Canon printer and disconnect all the Power cords from the rear end of the printer.
  2. Now, raise the input tray casually and look down through the input paper tray. Further, locate the gray paper pick rollers inside the printer.
  3. Slowly dampen a dust-free cloth or a paper napkin into the purified water. Then, press the cloth or paper napkin against the roller and rotate them upward with your fingers.
  4. Apply a moderate amount of pressure to the rollers and allow the rollers to dry completely.

After completing these above steps, reconnect the Power cord and check if the paper jam issue is resolved.

Wrapping Up

We hope that your Canon printer is now printing the pages freely as earlier. We have shared all the effective hacks to resolve Canon mg2520 won’t feed paper issue.

In case, you find that Canon printer paper won’t feed yet, then there either might be some internal issues or the hardware faults.

In that case, you can take your printer to a nearby service center to enjoy the printouts as before.

Lastly, share your experience with us and leave us your valuable feedback here in the comment box below.

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