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Encountering Epson printer offline Error? Eradicate With Reliable Hacks

While performing an important task on a printer, any error can be frustrating. Same is the case of “Epson printer offline” error. Multiple Epson printer users reported that their printer goes offline while performing a task without giving any specific notification. 

If you face the same error, then you can’t continue your work and all your important task will get stuck. Now, to overcome this situation, you will obviously try various tricks that can hamper your device also.

Therefore, identifying the exact cause should be your first step. This error can occur due to several factors. For example, time, incompatible, outdated, or corrupted printer driver might be a significant cause for this issue. 

Some of the users are unaware of the fact that the “Devices And Printers” option is set to offline. As a result, such kind of error appears. Sometimes, external devices may restrict the wireless signal between the computer and printer.

Therefore, if you are also facing the same error, then go through the entire article and overcome this situation a soon as possible. 

Amazing Methods to Fix Epson Printer is Offline Error:

Here, in this section, we are going to mention some of the effective hacks that will help you to get rid of this critical situation. 

So, follow up the below-discussed methods and implement them in the same order as we have instructed to get the best result possible.

Examine the Connection Between your Epson Printer and Computer

Examine the Connection Between your Epson Printer and Computer

At first, remove your printer from the computer and then connect it back after a few minutes. Then, plug in the printer to a power cable and turn it on. 

In case of the wired printers, you would require to replace the USB cable and attach it to another USB port of your computer. 

Once it is done, reboot your device as well as the printer in order to ensure that the issue gets resolved.

Verify the Network Connection

Verify the Network Connection

At first, turn off both of the computer and printer for a while. After that, power on both of them. For wireless printers, you need to be sure that the printer is within the range of your computer. 

Otherwise, decrease the distance between the computer and the printer. Moreover, ensure that you have attached both of these devices on the same wireless network. Eliminate the physical obstacles which are coming between the computer and the printer. 

Proceeding with the next section if you are still dealing with the same “Epson Printer says Offline” error.

Reinstall or Update the Printer Driver

Firstly, try to uninstall and then reinstall the printer driver. This process might overcome the problem that you are facing.

Steps to Update the Printer Driver

Steps to Update the Printer Driver:


  • Firstly, initiate the Start menu. Then, look for the Device Manager. Once you find it, click on it and open the experience. Now, in the Device Manager window, locate the device you want to update.
  • Once you find it, right click on it and hit the “Update Driver” button. Now, click on the option “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software” option. Here, you will see the updated version of drivers. If you find that the updated version of drivers is available, then hit the Install Update button.
  • Once the process is over, reboot your device to save the new changes in your device.

After updating the printer driver check whether the error gets eradicated from your device or not. In case, if you still encounter the same error, then you might need to reinstall the printer drivers.

Steps to Reinstall the Printer Driver:

Reinstall the Printer Driver

  • At first, find out the Windows Home key on your keyboard. Once you find it, press it along with the R key simultaneously. Now, write “Device Manager” into the search box on the taskbar and hit the Enter key or choose the OK button. 
  • After that, locate the device which is required to remove from your device. After locating the device, tap on it and hit the Uninstall/Remove button.
  • Once the device uninstalls from your device, reboot your device. Then, follow the online prompts in order to reinstall them again.

Select the “Use Printer Offline” Checkbox

Select the “Use Printer Offline” Checkbox

At first, press and hold the Windows Home key and X  altogether on your keyboard. This process will give you access to the Control Panel. Once you are in the Control Panel window, navigate to the “Devices And Printer” section and search for your printer. 

After that, tap on the printer and then choose the option “Use Printer Offline” from the resultant menu list. Once you perform this action, this state instantly changes to “Ready” and notify you that your printer device is no longer offline. 

After that, you can do a print test in order to make sure that the issue has been fixed or not.

Use the Device Manager

Use the Device Manager

Locate the Windows logo key on your keyboard. Now, press it along with the R key simultaneously. Then, type “devmgmt” into the search field and hit the Enter button or choose the OK button in order to initiate the Device Manager. 

Once the Device Manager window opens, navigate to the View tab and search for the “Show Hidden Devices” from the menu list. 

Thereafter, go to the Port category and tap on it in order to expect the section. Now, double-click on the Printer Port and choose its Properties tab in order to initiate the “Printer Port Properties” dialog box. 

After performing the above task, navigate to the Port Settings tab and look for the option “Use Any Interrupt Assigned To The Port” option. Once you find the item, tap on it and enable the Play Detection” and “Legacy Plug.” 

After completing the above steps, hit the Apply button as well as the OK button in order to save the new changes.

Lastly, you must restart your device. After restarting your device, check whether the error gets terminated or not.

Enable the Print Spooler Service

Enable the Print Spooler Service

After performing the above methods, if you still get stuck with the same error, then you might need to enable the print spooler service. Most of the users have reported that by enabling the print spooler service the issue is resolved. So, you can also try out this method.

To begin the process, you need to write “” into the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key or choose the OK button. Soon a list of services which are running at the system startup will appear on the screen. 

After that, search for the Print Spooler and once you find it, tap on it and set the Startup Type to automatic. 

Next, choose the option “Restart The Service” for “First Failure” which is situated under the Recovery tab. 

Afterward, tap on the Apply button as well as the OK button to let the new changes take effect.

After that, enter “C:/Windows/System32/Spool/Printers” into the Run dialog box and press the Enter key and tap on the OK button. 

Then, press the Ctrl and Alt-function keys together in order to choose all the data inside the printer folder. Lastly, hit the “Delete/Remove” option in order to erase all the data, and reboot your device.

Reinstall the Printer

Reinstall the Printer

At times, reinstalling the printer in an effective fix of this particular error. Therefore, to reinstall the printer, do the following: 

  1. Remove the printer from your device and initiate the Device Manager on your device. After that, look for the “Printers And Scanners” option. 
  2. Now, double click on the printer driver installed on your device and choose the “Uninstall” button from the resultant menu list.
  3. After that, locate and select the “Delete The Driver Software For The Device” button and hit the OK button. 
  4. Now, hit the Uninstall button again and reboot your device to be sure that the printer has been uninstalled from your device successfully. 
  5. Thereafter, visit the Epson printer manufacture’s site and enter the printer model number in the search field. 
  6. Now, press the Enter key or choose the OK button. 
  7. Next, hit the “Download Drivers And Software” link in order to get the updated version of drivers for your printer device. 
  8. Now, choose “Download The Driver” and run the “Setup.exe” command. 
  9. Once you are done with the above steps, follow the online instructions to install it on your device. 

Lastly, restart both of the computer and printer, now, you are not going to encounter the Epson printer offline error anymore.

Concluding Remarks…

In the above section, we have enlisted some of the outstanding methods that will surely help you to get rid of this situation. But, if you think that the methods are quite a time consuming for you, then you can take expert guidance. 

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