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Foolproof Ways To Resolve Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages

No doubt that the Lexmark printers come with several amazing features that are rarely found in the other brands at an affordable rate. For these reasons a huge number of people prefer it. But sometimes, it starts to malfunction and leaves the users puzzled at the same time. “Lexmark printer printing blank pages” is one of the fairly common issues that are seldom encountered by the users.

Therefore, through the guide, we are going to discuss the proven methods which will help you in all aspect to resolve the issue. So, go through the entire article thoroughly.

Possible Causes for Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages

Before moving to the solutions, at first you have to know the proper reasons that can cause this particular issue. So, in case if you are familiar with these details, then it will become easier for you to fix the problem on your own. Thus, we recommended you to go through the entire reasons for the particular issue:

  • Faulty Lexmark cartridges are the primary reason for the issue.
  • By chance, if the ink level becomes low, then you may not able to print pages through your Lexmark printer.
  • Moreover, if the printer head filled with dirt particles then it can also cause this issue in your Lexmark printer.
  • If the drivers of the Lexmark printer gets outdated, then it stops printing or print blank pages as well.
  • The incorrect layout settings are one of the main causes of not printing issue.
  • If the printing paper size is incorrect or not compatible with your printer then it can also be responsible for the issue.
  • Last but not least, if the printer itself has any fault, then it becomes unable to complete the printing process.

Several Procedures to Resolve Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages

So that you are now informed of the various factors that can affect such an error in your Lexmark printer you can go to the solutions. Have a deep look at the solutions and solve the issue on your own:

Method 1: Update the Printer Driver

This is the basic method to get rid of the Lexmark printing blank pages problems.

  • At the very first step, you have to click on the Start button.
  • After that, move to the “Device manager Window” and click on it.
  • Then, navigate to the search box and type “devicemngr” in the box.
  • Now, extend the category of “Network adapters” and tap on the name of your device.
  • Then, you have to right click on that device icon and choose the option “Update driver.”
  • Next, choose “ Search automatically for updated driver” software respectively.
  • At the final step, you have to confirm the entire process by tapping on “OK.”
  • When the method gets completed reboot your system and verify if the issue still arises or not.

Method 2: Replace the Low or Empty Cartridges

When you find the ink cartridges get empty as soon as possible you have to replace it with another one. The blank cartridges can lead the printer to the blank pages error as well. So, it is recommended you to review the cartridges in a regular manner and replace it if required. After changing it check if you are still facing the same error or not.

Method 3: Separate Sheets and Blank Pages Setting

  1. In any case, if no pages come out and your printer print blank pages, then this method can help you to resolve the issue.
  2. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to print out the menu setting page from the Lexmark printer.
  3. After that, tap on the key next to Menus.
  4. Next, hit the button that is located next to Test Menus.
  5. Then, you have to choose Print Menus. You can find this on the More options tab.
  6. Next, have a look under the Paper Menu section. There you can find two option of  “Separator sheet should be selected as none” and “Blank Pages should be selected as Do Not Print”. Choose one of them as per your requirements.
  7. After adjusting the setting option you need to restart your Lexmark printer and strive to print again.
  8. Finally, examine if the problem gets solved completely or not.

Final Words

Once you have implemented the steps carefully, you can resolve the Lexmark printer printing blank pages. Hope, the tutorial was beneficial enough to guide you the issue. But in case if you fail to solve that particular glitch then it is better for you to consult with an expert.

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